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(Photos) Ariana Grande Talks Working With Iggy Azalea, Fans & More


Ariana Grande has one less problem in a down-low ex-boyfriend. Now-a-days, what’s on her mind is accepting her relationship with her father, “Bang Bang” tracks and more.

Ariana talks to Seventeen about working with Iggy Azalea on, “Problem”. Check it out down bottom.

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(Video) NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves Fans Can’t Bring Themselves To Burn Kevin Love Jerseys, Do This Instead


Minnesota Timberwolves fans are too nice. Actually they are just understanding people. They realize Kevin Love leaving their team makes things even worse but they truly seem to appreciate the fact he stuck around this long and always gave them all out effort. The Wolves didn’t win many game during Love’s time with the team, but it definitely wasn’t due to his lack of passion or effort. The fans seem to get that and even though the video is somewhat sarcastic it lets you see that the fans still respect him as a player and hope he wins elsewhere.

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(Photo) NBA: Dope Graphic! Check Out What States Hate Which NBA Teams


There is a reason I chose to use Kobe and Wade as the picture for this post. Everyone hates the Heat & Lakers! According to a poll released yesterday, the Heat & Lakers by far are the two most hated teams by fans around the country. You can understand why for both teams. Nobody liked the Heat after the way Lebron arrived and people hate the Lakers because of Kobe and the fact that they are a legendary team. Some of the other hatred from states is surprising, like Deleware hating the Cavs or Louisiana hating the Clippers, but I am sure they have their reasons. Check out the graphic.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Destroys Fans In Game Of One On One In China!


Kobe does not know how to just play for fun. When he plays ball he goes for the kill, no matter who the opponent is. That was clear more than ever during his tour of China when he decided to let some fans play one on one against him. They probably thought he was going to take it easy on them but instead of showed his usual Kobe side. No mercy!

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(Video) Dreamville’s Bas Talks ‘Dollar And A Dream’ Tour, Success & More!


The Dreamvillain Bas has taken to his latest interview to discuss the makings, success, and overall experience of the ‘Dollar And A Dream’ Tour! Bas says that the experience is like no other, and truly for the fans. He also discussed his hit collaboration with Cole ‘lit’, staying true to yourself and more! Check out the full interview here.

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(Video) J.Cole Lights Up NYC With The ‘Dollar And A Dream Tour’!

J. Cole

It was a Dreamville takeover last night as J.Cole tore down the Highline Ballroom in celebration of the fifth anniversary of his classic piece ‘The Warm Up’! Cole brought the villains out with him as he packed out the house with his ‘Dollar and a Dream’ tour, including performances from Fiends’ Bas. Check out clips of the memorable night here!

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(Video) NBA: So Funny, But True! Video Of A Heat Fan Instantly Becoming A Cavs Fan After Lebron’s Decision


The bandwagon of the Cleveland Cavaliers just got alot heavier after Lebron decided to take his talents back to Ohio. Similar to what happened with the Miami Heat when he decided to go there, fans have a tendency to just switch sides and claim a team at the drop of a hat. In 2010, suddenly the Heat had the most fans in the NBA after barely anyone outside of Florida caring about the team before. Someone decided to get creative and make this video of a heat fan instantly becoming a Cavs fan after the announcement. This is funny but this is exactly what is happening all over the country since Friday. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Fans Flock Around Will Smith As He Flaunts His Muscles On The Beach In Spain!


Will Smith really doesn’t age and these pictures prove it! While on vacation in Spain, Will took a stroll along a beach in Ibiza on Thursday (June 10th) looking no where near middle aged. With fans falling all over the movie star he showed off how much good a trainer and a gym membership can do! 45 years old and still looking fresh as ever. Check out the pictures after the jump!

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(Photos) NBA: The Thirst Is Real! Car Accidents Happen As Fans Rush To Lebron’s House


When news that Lebron was going to allegedly announce his decision yesterday broke, fans who live near his Cleveland area home rushed to be on the scene. It’s not that they expected to see Bron, they just wanted to feel apart of something. Yesterday we showed you how the scene outside his home looked with crazed fans. Later however there came reports of car accidents outside the home with all the traffic on the street! Somebody’s insurance just went up while trying to see what Lebron would do only to have another day pass with no announcement. Nobody was injured but I bet people are mad at themselves today! Hit the jump.

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(Video) LOL: ‘Game Of Thrones’ Fan Gives Impressions Of Characters & They Are Spot On!

Game of Thrones

As the Season 4 Finale of the hit ‘Game Of Thrones’ series comes to an end, one fanatic has dipped into this season’s characters making for some amazing impressions! Watch as Steve Love transitions from Ramsey Snow, to Karl Tanner and many more below.

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