(Photo) NFL: It’s Like That?? Fans Stand In Enormous Lines To RETURN Ray Rice Jersey’s


WOW…I guess fans are not playing any games. Earlier this year and late last year the New England Patriots did something for their fans who owned Aaron Hernandez jerseys. Fans who bought the jersey of the incarcerated former star were allowed to return them and exchange them for another player. The Baltimore Ravens obviously were paying attention and decided they needed to do something similar regarding Ray Rice. Hit the jump.

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(Photos) Kim Kardashian Gets Cute For ‘Sunday Style’ Cover

Kim Meets Fans

Kim Kardashian who is typically known for being sexy, tones it down a little for the Sunday Style cover. Mrs. Kardashian West is dressed head-to-toe in the Kardashian Kollection.

She wore a black leather skirt with a black tank top that was paired with pale yellow Stilletos. FIRE!

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(Photos) NFL: Despite Graphic Video, Many Fans Still Supporting Ray Rice!


Even though a grizzly video was released this week showing more graphic details of Ray Rice hitting his wife, some fans, and especially female fans are still standing with him! They showed their support in droves last night prior and during the Ravens game with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I think more people expected jersey burning and negative talk but instead found quite the opposite. Fans seemed to be in a good mood and they were definitely making it a point to show they still love Rice. One woman who was interviewed even said Janay Rice deserved to be hit!! I guess everyone is entitled to their opinion but that comment is going to far to me. People idolize athletes and in the eyes of fans like that it makes it harder to look at their favorite player in a negative light. Hit the jump for the pics.

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(Photo) Beyonce Thanks Fans For Birthday Wishes While Striking A Yoga Pose!

things beyonce does

As the Queen Bey celebrated her 33rd Birthday, she took to her Instagram account to post a simple Thank You to her beloved Beyhive for the showering support! Watch as Bey strikes a pose, here!

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(Photos) Bow Wow Sets Fans Straight About 106 & Park!

Bow Wow on IG - CSI Cyber

Note to self, don’t mess with Shad Moss aka Bow Wow! And, especially don’t talk about 106 & Park.

Host of 106 & Park had some words for some misinformed fans about why the show wasn’t airing recently. They weren’t the happiest words, but they got the message through loud and clear.

Last night, Shad posted a picture of him posted up by an old car with no caption. But several inquiring fans were more interested in knowing why 106 & Park wasn’t being featured on BET, as of late, so another fan [@chelley109] took liberty to respond on Bow Wow’s behalf. But, Mr. 106 was NOT feeling that, and he responded: “no it wasnt shutup! Yall clearly dont know what yall talking bout. Its my show how you gone tell me about MY show.”

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(Video) Love This! 50 Cent Shows Love Listens To Recording Of Rape Victim With Down Syndrome

Rapper 50 Cent

During a visit to Palm Beach County court rapper 50 Cent took a quick break to snap flicks with fans and listen to a recording from a very unique fan. See More below!

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(Photos) Ariana Grande Talks Working With Iggy Azalea, Fans & More


Ariana Grande has one less problem in a down-low ex-boyfriend. Now-a-days, what’s on her mind is accepting her relationship with her father, “Bang Bang” tracks and more.

Ariana talks to Seventeen about working with Iggy Azalea on, “Problem”. Check it out down bottom.

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(Video) NBA: Minnesota Timberwolves Fans Can’t Bring Themselves To Burn Kevin Love Jerseys, Do This Instead


Minnesota Timberwolves fans are too nice. Actually they are just understanding people. They realize Kevin Love leaving their team makes things even worse but they truly seem to appreciate the fact he stuck around this long and always gave them all out effort. The Wolves didn’t win many game during Love’s time with the team, but it definitely wasn’t due to his lack of passion or effort. The fans seem to get that and even though the video is somewhat sarcastic it lets you see that the fans still respect him as a player and hope he wins elsewhere.

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(Photo) NBA: Dope Graphic! Check Out What States Hate Which NBA Teams


There is a reason I chose to use Kobe and Wade as the picture for this post. Everyone hates the Heat & Lakers! According to a poll released yesterday, the Heat & Lakers by far are the two most hated teams by fans around the country. You can understand why for both teams. Nobody liked the Heat after the way Lebron arrived and people hate the Lakers because of Kobe and the fact that they are a legendary team. Some of the other hatred from states is surprising, like Deleware hating the Cavs or Louisiana hating the Clippers, but I am sure they have their reasons. Check out the graphic.

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(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Destroys Fans In Game Of One On One In China!


Kobe does not know how to just play for fun. When he plays ball he goes for the kill, no matter who the opponent is. That was clear more than ever during his tour of China when he decided to let some fans play one on one against him. They probably thought he was going to take it easy on them but instead of showed his usual Kobe side. No mercy!

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