(Photos) Meek Mill’s Fans Pour In Condolences For His Court Appearance Today


Meek Mill has court today, Friday February 5, to answer for his parole violations stemming from his original 2008 drug and gun case. He claims he broke his parole stipulations which were strict traveling rules, because of his hectic tour schedule. The court isn’t buying it and says it’s because of his highly publicized relationship with Nicki Minaj. Meek could very well be going back to jail for a third time if he doesn’t have his way today and the twittersphere is voicing themselves on the situation. Hit the jump.

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(Video) Wiz Khalifa Thanks Fans For 2015/Announces New Project


Wiz Khalifa undoubtedly had one of the best 2015’s of any artist, largely in part due to See You Again ‘s success. A midst many other ventures, Wiz takes his gratefulness to his fans via video to thank them for their loyalty and also announces he’s got even another body of music coming sooner than we think. Hit the jump.

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(Video) T-Pain Is Asking Fans For Wedding Footage For His “Officially Yours” Video


Just last month T-Pain debuted a new song during a live performance in D.C. The track, titled ‘Officially Yours’ is the single off his upcoming album Stoicville: The Phoenix. The album, which was scheduled for a Decemeber 11th release was pushed back. “@RCARecords & I would like to apologize for postponing the release of my album #StoicvilleThePhoenix” T-Pain tweeted to his adding, “You won’t get it tomorrow but when you do get it I promise you will love it!!!”

T-Pain took to Twitter once more to address his fans this time asking for their help. The Florida native requested fans submit their wedding footage to help complete the ‘Officially Yours’ video.

More down below.

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(Video) NFL: Man Appears To Get Into Fight With Group Of Women At The Cowboys Game


Another football game, another fight in the crowd. This altercation took place during yesterday’s Thanksgiving game between the Cowboys and Panthers. While Carolina was busy beating down the Cowboys on the field, some fans tried to beat each other down in the stands. Crazy thing is it appears a few women were the ones intent on turning up the action, while the man in the yellow shirt appears to connect on a few punches. Not sure if he was purposely trying to hit the women or maybe someone else with them but either way it was going down.

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NBA: Kevin Durant Refers To His Hometown Wizards Fans As Disrespectful, Bradley Beal Agrees


So…. about that whole “KD2DC” movement fans in the nations capital have been hoping for with Durant’s impending free agency. That might be on hold after KD referred to those same fans as disrespectful. No, nobody said or did anything disrespectful to KD personally but he feels their fans should be paying more attention to their current team instead of focusing on what he will do.

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(Video) NFL: Blood Brothers Get Arrested At Eagles/Cowboys Game For Fighting Each Other!


Blood might be thicker than water but to these NFL fans, it isn’t thicker than your favorite team! Three actual brothers were arrested last night after getting into a fight in the stands with each other. Apparently one of them is an Eagles fan and the other two are Cowboys fans and once alcohol and who knows what else was added to the situation, it led to someone getting knocked out.

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(Video) NCAAF: Louisville Fans Fight Each Other Despite The Fact Their Team Was Winning Easily


Fans at football games can always find a reason for a good brawl, regardless of how the action on the field is going. These Louisville Cardinals fans are prime examples of that because their school was up big over Syracuse today so you think everyone would be in good spirits. Nope! A small cluster of fans got into a nice fight in the stands for about 30 seconds before police showed up.

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(Photo) Waka Flocka Tells Fans To Call Atlantic Records To “Demand” The Release Of ‘Flockaveli 2’


Looks like Waka Flocka is still battling with his record label over the release of his album ‘Flokcaveli 2.’ Just last month the Atlanta rapper blasted Atlantic records saying “I fucking hate my label,” and “LET ME BUY OUT.” The rapper took to his Twitter Wednesday to vent his frustrations once again.

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(Video) Young Thug Leaves It To The Fans To Decide Which Project Drops On Halloween


Over the past few weeks, Young Thug has been hinting at dropping two new projects he has in the works. A collaborative project with Migos titled, MigoThuggin as well as the part two of his most recent mixtape, Slime Season 2 . Thugger has already dropped the cover art for both projects and previously announced that fans can expect the new music on Halloween.

However, now it seems that Young Thug is only ready to release one of these projects, but is torn about which one, so he’s left the decision up to the fans. In an Instagram video posted Wednesday night, Young Thug asked the fans to comment on wether the would prefer MigoThuggin or Slime Season 2 on Halloween. Judging by the comments the fans seem torn down the middle.

Hit the jump to check out the video.

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(Video) “He See Ya!” – Reginae Carter’s Not Here for it

Reginae Carter Blasts Young Thug for Carter 6

Lil’ Wayne was spotted at Six Flags in Atlanta Sunday to go and enjoy Reginae Carter’s little brother’s birthday party but quickly “enjoying” became a task easier said then done as things turned sour, real quick, ruining the whole event for her. Best believe Ms.Carter was not going to let her family day be ruined without a little sass for all those who didn’t care about their happiness that, giving a quick snap at them. Read more to see just how it she put it down.

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