(Photo) Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Lists Two Main Reasons He Wants Floyd Mayweather In The Ring


Manny Pacquiao is really pulling out all the stops in an effort to get Floyd Mayweather to face off with him in the ring. Now he is bringing his own son into it and at the same time kinda trying to guilt trip Floyd into the fight using fans as the reason. The two have been throwing shots at each other for months via social media, but maybe due to the current situation Floyd is going through, Manny kept this one respectful and just issued the challenge again. He goes on to give his two main reasons for wanting the money man in the ring.

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(Video) Trina Makes A 15 Year Old Girl’s Dream Come True!


Christmas is coming, and the spirit is amongst us! One of Trina’s die hard rockstarrs got their wish to come true when they received a special visit from the favorite rapper. While in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend, Miami rapper Trina made it her duty to  paid one of her fans an extra-special visit after reading a tweet where she said that she is “always in the hospital” whenever Trina’s in town for a performance. The Hip Hop Princes took time out her schedule to surprise the 15 year old, and got the most heartwarming reaction. Take a look at the touching video after the jump.

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(Video) NFL: 49ers & Raiders Fans Brutally Attack Each Other In Fight


The Oakland Raiders finally getting a win wasn’t the only crazy thing that went down at Sunday’s football game. Both 49ers & Raiders fans attacked each other in an all-out brawl. The fans brutally go at it so badly that security and police had to intervene. Punches were thrown and beer was spilled along with a little blood, as the O.co Coliseum looked like the Source Awards…Crazy video & footage after the jump!

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(Video) NFL: Dude Gets Sucker Punched In Bathroom During Bears/Cowboys Game


Why is damn near every fight you see at an NFL game happen in the bathroom. It seems to have happened much more often this season than any other in the past. Here we have two Bears fans getting into it, again in the bathroom. Can’t really tell who started it, but one guy shoves the other and then he catches a right hook to the face from the sideline. He appeared to take the punch well. Situation could of got much worse.

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(Video) NBA: Knicks Carmelo “Made In NY” Sneak Peek Pt. 1


NY Knicks’ star, Carmelo Anthony, provided exclusive insight to his life as a free agent. He reveals, Chicago “had been the number one choice.” However, fans, media and other reasons persuaded his decision to stay in New York, despite showing such strong favor towards the Chicago Bulls originally. Hit the jump for exclusive sneak peek on Melo spilling the beans on how he had been torn in between the two choices!

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(Video) T.I. Speaks On His Classic Performance In Front Of 50,000 Tanzanian Residents!


Hustle Gang rep, T.I. has discussed his once in a lifetime experience of performing in front of a Tanzanian crowd filled with 50,000 fans! T.I. explained that nothing was going to stop the classic experience, and performed proudly, amongst the Ebola outbreak within the area. Check out his full interveiw, here.

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(Video) NFL: Sports Fans Go In On Big Sean For His “IDFWU” Video


Sports fans borderline on being fanatics sometimes and this is one of those cases. Fans like that are very anal about things and they are calling out Big Sean for being a fake a** football fan. Why you may ask? They are ripping him for his video for “IDFWU” which football plays a major role in the video. They are attacking him for such irrelevant things like what jersey number he and others are wearing and in real life players who play that position wouldn’t wear those numbers. I guess they forgot it is just a video but they go hard.

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(Video) Migos Answer The Burning Question “Are They Better Than The Beatles?”



It’s a question that’s been eating at music lovers everywhere for some time now: Are Migos better than the Beatles? Finally MTV got a hold of the trio and got them to deliberate their thoughts on this matter made by some pretty persistent fans on social media claiming that they are undeniably better than The Beatles. Watch after the jump.

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NFL: Jets Fans Go In On Eric Decker & His Wife After He Tweets About #JetsNation


Eric Decker will learn more about New York fans over time, but for now he is getting a rude awakening. The wideout who signed a $36 million dollar contract to join the franchise picked the wrong time to try and inspire Jets fans. With the team looking like a complete joke on the field, Decker tweeted out asking fans to tell him why they love the Jets. There isn’t much to love about a 1-7 team and fans let him have it and then let his wife, country singer Jesse James Decker, have it after she tried to defend her husband while also talking trash to the fans.

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(VIDEO) NBA: LeBron James Welcomed With Open Arms, And He Throws Chalk!


Fans literally went HAM as the Cleveland Cavaliers stepped into Quicken Loans Arena tonight! LeBron James made a VERY grand entrance, even better than Jesus Shuttlesworth’s intro in ‘He Got Game’…Hit the jump to check it out, chalk toss and all!

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