(Video) NFL: Snoop Dogg to Eagles’ Coach Chip Kelly: ‘Kill Yourself You Dumbass Coach’

If you didn’t already know, people take fantasy football VERY seriously.  Bragging rights and sometimes money is involved and a loss in the playoffs especially right before the Super Bowl, could feel devastating.  Many people are in the final round of their leagues and the pressure is on.  Unfortunately, Snoop Dogg was one of those people to lose right before the Super Bowl.  His opponent had the Cardinals defense and as you may already know, Arizona put a beating on Philly, winning 40-17 on Sunday night.  Snoop took to his Instagram account and let the Eagles and their coach Chip Kelly have it with an expletive filled rant.

NFL: Tony Romo Goes In on the NFL For Shutting Down His Fantasy Football Convention

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was set to put on his National Fantasy Football Convention in Las Vegas in July but the NFL came and shut it down by telling players they could be violating a policy that prevents NFL players from events in connection with casinos.

(Video) NFL: ESPN Expert Explains How Jay Z Is The Biggest Cheater In Fantasy Football

Jay Z has a super exclusive, invite only fantasy football league he does every season where the stakes are reportedly high. According to ESPN expert Matthew Berry however, Jay is the biggest cheat in fantasy football because he has more inside information than professionals like Adam Schefter!

NFL: Ray Rice Gets His First Football Related Offer Since Hitting Wife, $1 Million To Do What?

Ray Rice possibly is slowing stepping into a new stage of his life, both on and off the field. He has been doing alot to shed the horrible image of himself he created by punching his then fiance and now wife in that casino in Atlantic City. He has actually been a model citizen as of late and more proof people may be starting to forgive him is he got his first football related offer this week, but it’s not what you think.

(Photo) NFL: Was He Hacked Or Nah? Panthers Say Cam Newton’s Twitter Was Hacked After Richard Sherman Diss

The Panthers star, who’s not known for being a consistent Twitter user, raised eyebrows when a serious of tweets calling out his “fantasy football” team and calling Seahawks star Richard Sherman “over rated. The Panthers released a statement saying that Newton’s account was hacked. Hit the jump for details.

(Video) Sports: ESPN Expert Helps Jay Z Draft Fantasy Football Team

Hov loves his sports and he loves fantasy football. Granted he plays in a much higher stakes type of fantasy league, but the way he picks his team is still the same way you or I would. Matthew Berry, who works for ESPN as a fantasy guru recently revealed a story in which he got a call from Jay to help him pick his team. That’s how you know Jay isn’t playing fair because he has the connects to call one of the best fantasy minds around, while people like us have to use our own knowledge. That’s what happens though when you get to the top like he has. Hit the jump for the story. Jay plays no games when it comes to his fantasy team.

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