(Video) Brooklyn Teen Gets 19 Years To Life In Prison For Starting A Fire That Killed An NYPD Officer

A Brooklyn teenager’s future was just sentenced to 19 to life because he was bored one day and set a mattress on fire. Smh.

Charges Upped For Mother Who Neglected Daughter Which Resulted In A House Fire

Back in February, 2-year old Kaleenah Muldrow was found dead by firefighters after a house fire erupted. Her mother was nowhere to be found as she was out partying leaving the baby in the house alone. The Brooklyn grand jury has now upgraded the charges in the fire.

(Video) Ouch! Man Sets His Balls On Fire

People just do the dumbest things. A man accidentally sets his balls on fire on camera. It appears he is trying to drink a cup of water with fire at the top and drops the water on his privates.

(Photos) Twitter Users Drag Nevada Fire Department For Posting Mally Mal’s Dead Cat

A fire department in Nevada is definitely in hot water after their Twitter account posted a picture of Mally Mal’s deceased cat, and put laughing emojis. Twitter users dragged the account and didn’t hold back! Hit the jump to see.

(Videos) Massive Fire Destroys Historic Church In Manhattan

A fire has destroyed a Serbian Orthodox church tonight in NYC, with firefighters putting out flames late into the night. The fire started around 7 pm destroying an 166 year old church in the Chelsea section of Manhattan. This happened hours after some 700 people gathered to celebrate the Orthodox Easter, their holiest day of the year.

(Photo) 3 Federal Agents Shot, Fire Set to Motel In Kansas

The craziness in the world continues. 3 Federal agents in Kansas shot, and to make matters worse, somebody set a motel on fire.

Woman Who’s Vagina Caught On Fire Says Her Kitty Is Perfectly Fine

Remember the woman who burned her vagina while competing in a dancehall competition? She has now spoken out on her current condition. Fire Gyal Flexi says her vagina is perfectly fine. The plan was for her to apply just a tad bit of alcohol on her vagina, lit it, and then quickly put it out.

(Video) Mom Arrested After Daughter Found Dead While She Went Out Partying

2-year-old Kaleenah Muldrow was found dead by firefighters during a fire. The baby had been left in a Brooklyn apartment while her mother, 20-year-old Leila Aquino, was out partying. Muldrow’s body was found laying under a bed in the third floor apartment. The fire was put out around 7:30am. Sources say the toddler probably hid under the bed after being afraid of the fire that had started an hour earlier.

(Video+Photos) NY Man Killed In House Fire After Running Back In To Save His Children

In a heroic act of selflessness, 24-year-old Demetrius Johnson went into a burning house when he realized that his three children did not make it out. Johnson ran back into the home and saved his two oldest children, one of whom was severely burned and is currently fighting for her life. There was one child left in the house and Johnson refused to leave his 3-year-old son behind so he ran back in once again to save the toddler, but loss his own life in the process.

(Video) Woah…Two Men Set On Fire During Fight In Baltimore

An angry co-worker set two of his fellow co-workers on fire after an argument that sparked violence…this is graphic video so watch with your own discretion. Hit the jump for the full story and video.

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