Boxing: Manny Pacquiao Lost Millions Of Dollars Playing Poker & Betting On Cockfighting

Manny Pacquiao’s gambling problems from his past are no secret, but I don’t know if anyone realized just how big the problems were. Thankfully the problems seem to be no more ( at least publicly ) but his life could have gone in a different direction, even just a few short years ago.

Sports: Golf Pro John Daly Says He Lost $90 Million in Gambling Over the Years!

John Daly tells TMZ Sports he was able to calculate his gambling losses during a 15-year casino binge thanks to tax returns that showed $90 MILLION in losses and only $35 million in wins.

Sports: Yes, Floyd Mayweather Bet on UConn — Check Out How Much He Won!

There was a rumor over the weekend that Floyd bet $8 million on Kentucky in the Final Four — and as we all know they advanced to the title game — but we never heard from Floyd, so it’s not looking like that rumor was true.  Well he may of not won money on Kentucky, but he did win a nice chunk off of UConn last night.  He shared his winning slips on Instagram.  Check it out…

Busted! ‘Hardcore Pawn: Chicago’ Employees Knocked For Allegedly Stealing Pawned Goods To Gamble!

Well isn’t this rather ironic. Two employees of TruTV’s hit show “Hardcore Pawn: Chicago” have been arrested for allegedly stealing pawned goods from their store and re-pawning them elsewhere to get $$ to gamble. The two men, Jeremy Jackson and Karl Bell, were busted by Chicago PD and both hit with one count of felony theft each. The store owners released a statement explaining they became suspicious of the two men because Karl always seemed to have money for gambling despite the fact he’d always lose and Jeremy was only a part-time employee. The two apparently smuggled out a total of $40K from their place of employment. YIKES! Peep the mugshots in the gallery.

Boxing: Lol, Really – That’s It?! Mike Tyson Has Advice For Antonio Tarver

Iron Mike knows what he’s talking about (usually)!  He’s been through it all (even though this may not be the best advice – lol).  Mike Tyson has some advice for Antonio Tarver who was arrested this weekend for allegedly not paying back a $200k gambling debt in 2012.  Check out what Tyson had to say…

NBA: Report…Knicks Players From The 80’s Fixed Games For Drug Dealers??

If this is true, this is crazy. According to a report, when the Knicks were a really bad team in the early 1980’s, it seems some of those losses might of had to do with players throwing games. A newly released book is offering some insight into the Knicks from the 1981-1982 season and the relationships with a few players and a certain cocaine dealer. Hit the jump for more.

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