PlayStaion 4 Won’t Be ALL About Games

The Sony wants to market the new PlayStation 4 console as a total consumer experience and not just as a game console. Sony Computer Entertainment business department claims the device will be oriented to all types of consumers and will offer sophisticated non-gaming capabilities.

Would You Buy This New Game Console?

The Ouya game console will makes it debut to retailers on June 4th. This Kickstarter company has raised over $8 million since the start of its campaign to create a game console that allows users more control. Ouya is making every game on the system free to try until you want to purchase it. Also, users can use apps like, iheartradio, and Flixster on the actually console. The system will retail at $99 and will be available in stores like BestBuy, GameStop and Target.

Gamers Will Soon Be Able To Print THIS At Home!!

OUYA and MakerBot partnered up to give gamers the ability to print their own game console at home. MakerBot is the global leader in desktop 3D printing and will help Ouya create 3D design files for the first 3D printed OUYA game console. Customers can order the 3D Printing Development Kit to create their very own 3D printed OUYA game console case. The MakerBot 3D printed OUYA game console will makes its debut this week at the OUYA’s unveiling in San Francisco.

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