(Video) NBA: Iman Shumpert Gets A Sexy Lap Dance On Stage From Girlfriend Teyana Taylor


Iman Shumpert became the envy of most men in the crowd at SOB’s in NYC last night as his girl Teyana Taylor hit the stage. To make things more interesting, Teyana made Shump her guest of honor up on stage as she hit him with a sexy lap dance that I am sure had dudes in the crowd wishing they were Shump.

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(Photos) Co-Pilot Who Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Flight Hid His Illness From Employers!

_Co-pilot Who Deliberately Crashed Germanwings Flight Hid His Illness From Employers

Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot, who deliberately crashed the plane killing 149 people, allegedly did it because he recently broke up with his girlfriend and hid an illness from employers. Check out photos in the gallery and read more on the story after the jump!

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(Video) Dude Goes Crazy When He Finds Out His Girl Cheated


Dude Goes Crazy When He Finds Out His Girl Cheated. Ah man, so here we go again. Chris Brown already told you people that these hoes ain’t loyal but yet ya’ll still wife them. Check out the video below of this dude going nuts when he finds out his girl cheated.

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The thing I don’t understand about this is that the girl was crying and begging him for forgiveness. YOU CHEATED ON YOUR BOYFRIEND, WHY WOULD HE FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT? You weren’t thinking about begging for forgiveness when you had another man’s penis inside of you then huh, but now you got caught is when you want to cry and beg to be taken back. Life doesn’t work that way. If you know something is precious to you, take care of it and don’t let temptation get to you because after that temptation is regret. It’s almost like masturbating to porn, it feels good when you’re doing it but after comes that disgusted and regret feeling. Anyways, I hope he doesn’t take her back so she can learn a lesson and let this be a lesson to you reading this right now. If you’re cheating on your significant other right now, you will get caught and you will regret it.


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(Video) But Wait, What Does Big Sean’s Mom Really Think About Ariana Grande?!


It’s all good until TMZ asks your mother about your fake relationship. After surprising fans with an appearance to Ariana Grande’s Detroit concert, the blossoming G.O.O.D. member and his mother, Myra Anderson, were spotted at LAX. The chat with TMZ is all about traveling – eh, Dubai here, and Africa there – and BOOM, the question gets asked. “How do you feel about Ariana?” What does Big Sean’s mom really think about Ariana Grande? Find out after the jump.

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(Fellas Check The Pics!) Young Thug’s Girlfriend Poses Nude For Photoshoot

Young Thug's girlfriend

Young Thug’s girlfriend, Jerrika Karlae, recently bared ALL in a photoshoot for the launch of a new lifestyle company called The Society.

Do you think Thugger got himself a trophy? Check out Jerrika’s nude pics in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(18+ Photos) Twitter User Leaks Nude Of Another Users Girlfriend Over Video Games


Twitter User Leaks Nude Of Another Users Girlfriend Over Video Games. Ah man, I always ask myself this question every day, why is Twitter free? I would gladly pay $10 a month for the amount of entertainment it brings me daily.

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(Video) Dude Humps Girlfriend In Front of Their Kids


Dude Humps Girlfriend In Front of Their Kids. I’m not a big fan of telling people how to raise their kids but certain things they just shouldn’t see or be exposed to.

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NFL: Report, Richard Sherman Could Seriously Miss Super Bowl Due To Birth Of Son


It is a long shot, but this scenario really might play out like this. Richard Sherman and his girlfriend Ashley are expecting the birth of their first child, a son, over the next week. Now obviously Sherman has a HUGE game this Sunday that somewhat falls under the possible dates that his little man could arrive into the world. Surprisingly nobody really knew about all of this until the past couple days but there is a small chance Sherm would literally miss the Super Bowl if his son doesn’t want to wait.

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(Video) Kevin Gates Puts His Lips On A Man’s Woman & Gets Smacked For It!!!


Kevin Gates must have been tired, because he pulled a bold move on this particular night.

Hit the jump for the deets.

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(Photos) Update: YG’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She Was Hacked; Previously Puts Him On BLAST: Reveals Pregnancy, STD’s and More!

YG x Catelyn

YG and his girlfriend Catelyn have been together for years, and he even stood by her side and professed his love for her in interviews when she did a brief stint in jail earlier this year. The young, tatted up makeup artist from L.A. remained mostly private about their relationship on social media, though sometimes posting plane tickets to the places YG was at, and even a photo here and there with her boo or even his family. That changed drastically yesterday, however, when in the midst of what appears to be a very nasty breakup, Catelyn put the Bompton rapper’s dirty laundry on display for the world to see.

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