(Video) Kevin Gates Puts His Lips On A Man’s Woman & Gets Smacked For It!!!


Kevin Gates must have been tired, because he pulled a bold move on this particular night.

Hit the jump for the deets.

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(Photos) Update: YG’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She Was Hacked; Previously Puts Him On BLAST: Reveals Pregnancy, STD’s and More!

YG x Catelyn

YG and his girlfriend Catelyn have been together for years, and he even stood by her side and professed his love for her in interviews when she did a brief stint in jail earlier this year. The young, tatted up makeup artist from L.A. remained mostly private about their relationship on social media, though sometimes posting plane tickets to the places YG was at, and even a photo here and there with her boo or even his family. That changed drastically yesterday, however, when in the midst of what appears to be a very nasty breakup, Catelyn put the Bompton rapper’s dirty laundry on display for the world to see.

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NFL: Report, DeMarco Murray’s Girlfriend Leaves Him Over Cheating Story Of Ex-Teammate


Damn, I actually feel sorry for DeMarco Murray because of all this. I am sure you remember his former college teammate Brennan Clay, publicly accusing DeMarco of cheating with his girlfriend Gina. He went on and on via twitter and even shared dirty messages and screen shots between the two. He did ALL THAT just to admit this week he was wrong and he jumped to conclusions. So Brennan was obviously a clown that created drama that wasn’t there to begin with and now that “fake” story has affected DeMarco’s real relationship with his girl, Heidi Mueller. She reportedly wasn’t affected by the story at first but eventually got fed up. Turns out Brennan may of sent DeMarco’s girl some interesting photos as well when he thought he was sleeping with his girl.

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NYPD Cop Killer’s Girlfriend Is Expected To Live After Shooting

Ismaaiyl Brinsley

While a majority of the focus on Ismaaiyl Brinsley has been the two NYPD cops he murdered before killing himself this past weekend, we cannot forget the woman that remains fighting for her life in a Baltimore hospital, that he shot prior to coming to New York.

Many are trying to paint this as an Eric Garner revenge shooting which takes away from the peaceful protesting and the REAL change we are hoping to work toward, but obviously this man had way deeper issues. Fortunately, she is expected to live.

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(Photos) Young Thug May Have Dropped His Girl For A New Boo

Young Thug x Funhouse Jai Jai

Well that was fast. As a young, successful rapper, Young Thug’s girlfriend role will probably switch up a million times before he settles down, and he’s right on course with his latest. Just 2 months after professing his love for Rika, it seems like Thugger has moved on with Atlanta socialite, Funhouse Jai Jai. The pair both recently uploaded Instagram photos at the same time, and you can tell by Thug’s pic (left) that he was with Jai Jai. (Full pics in the gallery.)

His latest choice is rather interesting, as I saw this video of her (below) dropping it low on stage with Shawty Lo a few years back WHILE PREGNANT. So, clearly she’s very classy. I don’t know much else about her, but she’s got 120k followers on Instagram so apparently some people care. This entire Atlanta scene is so ugh to me…nothing but a bunch of ratchet reality stars dating the same rappers. I know New York and Los Angeles aren’t too much better, but at least we spread it out more!

Compare and contrast Young Thug’s new and old boos in the gallery, and let us know your thoughts! Upgrade or downgrade?

Oh and meanwhile, he’s trolling you all with his affectionate comments toward men, and you guys keep falling into the trap!

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(PHOTO) Boxing: Did He Just Make An Announcement? Adrien Broner Posts Bedroom Pic With His Boo

ifwt_Arie Nicole

Did Adrien Broner just make an announcement for Thanksgiving?!  He took to Instagram super early this morning to share a sexy pic of his boo, Arie Nicole, and threw in a comment that had some fans surprised. The couple have definitely had their ups and downs, but it looks like things are going great & there maybe something new in store for them.
Check out the caption on his post & let us know what you think…

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(Video) NBA: Nick Young Talks On Spitting Game – Then Iggy Checks Him!


LA Lakers Nick Young and rapper Iggy Azalea can’t seem to get enough of the cameras and fame. The cute couple teamed in their latest joint venture, a Forever 21 commercial. In the commercial, Nick Young discusses how he locked down Iggy, and he even gives the world tips on how he spits game. HILARIOUSLY after, Iggy Azalea jumps in and puts Young in check LOL…Hit the jump to check out the vid!

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(Photos) Hmm..Who’s This Lady French Montana Was With At The Airport?

French at LAX with rumored beau

French Montana and Khloe Kardashian may have been grinding it out a few weeks ago, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re back together! While Khloe was spotted workin’ it out at the gym, French was spotted at the airport returning from Dubai (where he partied with Khloe’s sis Kim actually)…and he had a different lady by his side.

Could they just be friends? Quite possibly, but they’re body language seems to speak to a little more. Reports say she’s a DJ, but I’m not sure where or with who. Check out more pics of the pair in the gallery. Is that French Montana’s girlfriend or nah?

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Robin Thicke’s New Lady A 19-Year-Old Model?


Surely after putting his best Keith Sweat impressions to use, someone was bound to fall for Robin Thicke’s soulful attempt at getting back with wife, Paula Patten. Who’s the lucky lady you ask? Some would call her the attention seeking lady, but I’m not going to say no names. It rhymes with Tea Ain’t Free.

Hit the jump for the details.

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(PHOTO) NBA: How Cute, Iman Shumpert Helps Girlfriend Teyana Taylor Promote Album!


Gotta love ‘em! Iman Shumpert took to social media, Instagram to be exact, to show some love to his ‘ladybug.’ Shumpert showed that he is Teyana Taylor’s #1 fan with such a cute shoutout. Hit the jump to check out the pics and shoutout…

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