(Photos) GM Recalls 7.6 Million Vehicles Because Of WHAT?!?

Bad news for General Motors. The struggling company has recently announced the recall of up to 7.6 million vehicles dating back to 1997 because of faulty ignition switches. With this recent news, GM’s recalls have reached more than 28 million vehicles for health and safety concerns. More info after the jump.

Mary Barra To Be Named CEO Of GM; Becomes FIRST Woman To Lead A Global Automaker

General Motors co-CEO Dan Akerson will step down next month, and be replaced by global product development chief Mary Barra, who will become the first woman to lead a global automaker. The company said on Tuesday that Akerson, who is also the chairman, will leave on January 15, moving forward his planned departure by at least six months. He said he had planned to leave in mid- to late-2014, but accelerated his exit after learning about two months ago that his wife had an advanced stage of cancer.

NFL: Antrel Rolle Takes Shot at the Cowboys Front Office

Oh how I love the football talk coming back!  It’s still a few months away, but once the basketball season is over…I’m ready for some football! #GMEN Our guy Antrel Rolle is already starting with the trash talking, but this time it’s not about other players.  He’s taking a shot at the Cowboys’ big man!  Report after the jump…

Auto: GM May Have To Recall 1 Million Cars!!

1 million cars as part of a recall is a big deal, even though the specific reason for it is not. GM may have to recall a total of 1 million cars including some Chevy Malibu’s, Satura Aura’s and Pontiac G6’s. The reason is so petty, but it can cause a inconvienence for drivers. The recall is because of faulty brake lamps. Will it cause any serious, or harmful crashes? Probably not. However it could be an easy reason for a police officer to pull you over and write you a ticket, or just to harass you. The models are from years 2004-2011. If you own any of these vehicles keep an eye out for the recall.

NFL: Jets Keeping Tim Tebow & He Could Start?!

Here we go, the Jets circus continues! We got a Tim Tebow update for you. Thank goodness there hasn’t been a lot of Tebow talk lately, but the Jets GM now has fans talking about him again. Check out what he had to say in a conference call on Monday…

Auto: GM Recalls Almost 9,000 Cars

GM announced today that they must recall almost 9,000 cars due to a rear suspension issue. The recall at the moment is mainly limited to the Malibu, but an investigation is going on to see if other models were impacted. What happens is some of the bolts on the rear suspension may not of had sufficient torque applied to them. What can happen is the cars gets out of assembly enough to just cause noises, or bad enough to actually lose complete control of the car. Scary! The recall is ongoing now, and we will have more info in the coming days if any other models were impacted as well.

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