(Photo) You Can Now ‘Undo Sent messages’ In Gmail Permanently!!

Ever made a mistake when sending an email and been like ‘Damn, I wish this was like social media and delete that message before anyone see’s it’?? Well a feature that’s been in Google labs is finally becoming apart of the gmail system permanently that will allow you to erase that email after it’s sent…as long as you realize it FAST!!!!

(PHOTO) NBA Jokes: Donald Sterling Gmail Leaked After Being Banned; Emails are Hilarious

Banned for LIFE!  We all rejoiced on Tuesday when NBA Commissioner Adam Silver handed down Donald Sterling’s punishment for his ignorant racist rants.  Well now his gmail has been hacked & we get to see what people emailed him.  It’s all jokes people — not his real gmail — but it’s pretty damn funny. Check it out…

(PHOTO) NFL Jokes: Richard Sherman’s Gmail Inbox Leaks & It’s Hilarious

I always love these posts — when athlete’s gmail inboxes leak.  They always give me a good laugh.  Last week it was Roger Goodell’s email, this week we got the man everyone’s been talking about — Richard Sherman.  Enjoy! Check it out…

Google Adds WHAT To Search Results??

Google search results just got a lot more personal. Google has integrated Gmail, Google Calendar and Google+ into Google search results, meaning that any search query entered on the search engine automatically searches your Google services for relevant search results. What’s going to start turning up in your search results? Click through the jump to see.

GMail Becoming ‘Eye Friendly’ ?!

Google has announced today that it is launching a new full-screen compose window that gives users more room to work with. Prior to this users were limited to the window that was pinned to the lower right corner. Google also made the formatting toolbar default so you no longer have to select it, you can also choose to make the full screen view default if you would like. The update should be available, if not already, in a couple of days.

Gmail Phone Calls Are BACK !

Don’t have your phone on you? NO problem call from your Gmail account. Google has announced that it is bringing back the calling feature to Gmail. Hit the jump to see what other features it has incorporated ..

Did You Know You Can Send Money Through Gmail?!

After announcing at Google I/O last month, the option to send money directly to any email account, Google has now activated it. The only thing is that if you don’t already have the option available, you’ll need someone to invite you. And all they have to do is send you some money. Read more about the feature in the link below & see if you anybody with the option enabled can help you out.

Google Updates Gmail Search To Include This!!!

Google has been very busy ever since its IO conference in updating most of its brands. Now Gmail has been updated. In the update, the company has added the ability for Gmail search bar to scan for relevant information from your emails as well as Google Drive files, and Calendar events.

(PHOTO) NBA (Jokes): LMAO! Screen Shot of Derrick Rose’s Gmail Inbox Leaked

These are usually pretty funny.  Of course it’s jokes people, it’s not real.  They’re usually more detailed, but this is pretty much all you need for D-Rose.  The Derrick Rose slander is so real. Check out a screen capture of D-Rose’s Gmail inbox. Enjoy!

Can This ‘NEW’ Google Messaging Service Compete With iMessage/FaceTime?!?

Google May have A New Messaging service called “Hangouts”….What?! We just talked about the New feature currently in the Hangouts ‘APP’, But Google is gearing up for their yearly I/O event(Like the New Gaming Service that leaked), and talk about this New messaging service is increasing, Hit the jump.

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