Mother Of Two Fatally Shot After Denying Man At A Bar

A Pennsylvania woman was fatally shot by a man after she refused to talk to him a local bar. Hit the jump for more.

Baltimore Hits Record 300th Homicide This Year

Baltimore still needs prayers. After the death of Freddie Gray, things have only gotten worse for the city in Maryland as they hit a milestone death rate. Read the full story after the jump.

(Video) Missouri Gunman Kills 7 People In A 4 Home Shooting Spree!!

A Missouri man killed 7 people inside of 4 different homes in a rural community before killing himself Thursday night. Read more after the jump…

(Video) Pizza Man Charged For Lying About Witnessing A Murder!

Oh the tangled webs we weave, when we conspire to deceive!! A pizza delivery man lied about witnessing a beheading near Rochester, New York to escape punishment from his boss for a late delivery. This guy’s lie had police on a hunt for the alleged murderer for hours!! Now he’s being charged with a misdemeanor! SMH! Check it out!

33 Years After Being Shot, James Brady’s Death Is Being Ruled A Homicide

According to a medical examiner, the death of James Brady who was President Ronald Reagan’s press secretary was really a homicide. Brady was 73 when he passed away in his home earlier this week. How did he come to this conclusion…

(Video) Albuquerque Police Violently Murder A Homeless Man!

This is disgusting. The police can really get away with just about anything, even murder. In the last year alone Albuquerque police have killed 26 people and now a mentally disturbed homeless man named James Boyd is one of them. Find out the entire story after the jump.

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