So Sad…Police Found 75 Year Old Man Hanged At Queens Playground

It is believed that a 75 year old man committed suicide in Queens. More after the jump…

(Video) OH HELL NO: Super Creepy Hangman Prank Scares Everyone To Death!

First of all let me say, if ANYBODY ever did this to me– I would probably pee in my pants and scream like a little girl. A group of trained professionals played a HORRIFIC prank on different groups of people, making it seem like they commited suicide by hanging themselves. Just when the terrified people would begin to call for help, the “hangmen” would come to life and start screaming all crazy. Check out the creepy (but highly entertaining) video below!

NBA: Ryan Anderson & Gia Allemand Fought Before Her Death; Suicide Note Left & New Details Revealed

This is just such a heartbreaking story.  More details have now been released regarding what happened leading up to “Bachelor” contestant Gia Allemand committing suicide. Report after the jump…

HBO Cancels Hung, Bored to Death and How to Make It in America

After hanging out on the streets of Twitter and seeing everyone up in arms over HBO cancelling “How To Make It In America,” I had to look into the issue since I figured this would be of interest to our IFWT readers as well! Apparently, HBO is cleaning house to make way for new series set to debut in 2012. SO not one but three shows got the axe. Get some more details below. Marisa Mendez

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