(Photos) C’Mon Son! Czech Man Busted For Attempting To Import WHAT Into Australia!!

Sad news for the common sense world. It was missing when this happened. Apparently a Czech man was busted in an Australian Airport after attempting to import about 16 rare exotic bird eggs into Australia by hiding them inside his pants, according to police reports. An Australian Customs and Border Protection Service statement said that “Officers conducted a frisk search of the man and allegedly found 16 small eggs concealed in his groin area.” Hit the jump to see how much time he could potentially face.

NFL: NYC Strip Clubs Importing Strippers For Super Bowl

Lmao, really?!  There’s not enough stripper in NY/NJ for Super Bowl fans?!  We need to import strippers?!  This is crazy.  What can I say, sex sells…for real. Check out what NYC strip clubs are doing for the big weekend…

Auto Talk: China To Impose Duties On Cars Imported From The U.S.

China said today it would impose anti-subsidy and anti-dumping duties on imported cars made in the United States, the latest in a series of trade spats between the world’s two largest economies. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

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