(18+ Pics) Pumpkin Carving Tools That Are Extremely Explicit!!

Soooo this set of prefabricated carving shapes is called Pornkins and is truly not intended for kids at all, unless your ready to explain the “Birds and the Bees” way to early!!!

(News) Woman Kills Six People Driving Wrong Way On Freeway!

A 21 year old woman in California is charged for killing six people in a suburban Los Angeles city. Read the article after the jump.

IFWT Wishes Karen Civil A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, KC! We wish you many more! Wza X IFWT

(Video) Hot97TV’s Trailer For Original Series “Los Blancos” !!!!!!!!

SOOOO DOPE!!!! Hot97 TV’s 1st Super Official Original TV Show, Los Blancos!!!! This is Like the Urban “Sopranos” Meets “Traffic”…Just WAY Sexier!!!! 2 Super Sexy Ladies About to takeover, Oh and Did we mention Some of your Favorite Rappers Also…You know how We Do!!!! “Family Is Everything” #Hot97City!!!! Tat Wza

(Just Sharing Pics) Is A Bacon Bra The New Lingerie???

You know how we do, sometimes we just share ridiculous Pics, and a Bacon Bra is Mos Def Ridiculous!! Hit the Jump to see just How Much! Tat WZA


Yeah We know it’s No Mother’s Day, But Guys that are Dad’s….Live it Up!!! From Tat Wza and All the Dad’s at #IFWT!!!!

Tech Talk News: Things NOT Mentioned At Apple’s WWDC!!!

As I was watching a Number of Tech Blogs On How Great All Apple Things are gonna be in the next few months, And All Looks Great….Except this Burning Questions That did Not get Answered, and If you’re Not sure what those are, Hit the Jump!! Tat WZA

Tech Talk News: Apple’s WWDC Announcements…All Has Been Answered!!!!

This is a Yearly Event(the 23rd Event) that has become a staple in Life, And I love it each and every year!!! Ok There is a lot of talk About ‘Map Wars’, New MacBooks, possible Siri on iPad, iTV, & of course iPhone 5 announcement!!!! Hit the Jump and See what Was Actually talked About!! Tat WZA

Breaking News: 3 People Slashed In The Face At Weekly Power 105 Party

BB King’s weekly hip hop party “Saturday Night Live” turned violent this morning when a clubgoer went berserk and slashed three men in the face and neck with a razor, authorities said. Funk Flex

Tech Talk News: NASDAQ Offers Settlement Behind Facebook Trading???

What is called a peace offering, because of technical problems that prevented people from knowing if their trade went through, either it didn’t go through, or they didn’t get confirmation. Now here is the problem, the $ they are offering is no where near what was lost 0_o Ok Hit the Jump, you should see the mumbo jumbo they are talking about….’Credit’ HA!!! Tat Wza

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