(Video/Photo) iPhone 6 Mock Up Compared To All Current iOS Devices

Hmmm, Apple will have a clean line up once the iPhone 6 drops(in September), but until then, go ahead and check out the video below.

(Video) LOL Jimmy Kimmel Tries Out The New “iPhone 5s”

The Jimmy Kimmel Show went out to the streets and try to convince people the new iPhone5s was actually the iPad mini. Check out this hilarious video after the jump.

SMH….Another Low Blow For Apple In Windows Commercial

We are all aware of the Microsoft ads mocking Siri and its capabilities but it’s newest commercial is coming after Apple’s 7.9 inch iPad Mini. The point of the commercial is to show that the 8.1 inch Acer Iconia W3 can handle Word documents, powerful gaming, etc compared to the iPad mini in which they try to portray as only good for lower power tasks such as reading iBooks. Oh and of course the ad wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t show consumers the price comparison. See the full ad after the jump ..

DETAILS On Apple’s NEW iPad Mini !!!

Ironic that the NEW iPad Mini is being delayed yet it hasn’t even officially released an official release date. Economic Daily News has reported that Apple is having difficulty launching its 7.9 inch tablet that was expected by rumors to come out this upcoming holiday season. Rumors also speculate that this new iPad will come with new screen resolutions(Retina), but such as one being a lower-end and non-Retina model.

Wait… Apple Couldn’t Trademark What?!?!

US Patent And Trademark Office, denied Apple’s application to trademark iPad Mini. Apple received a letter in January from the USPTO stating, “Registration is refused because the applied-for mark merely describes a feature or characteristic of applicant’s goods.” The letter then continues to break down the meaning of the word iPad mini,”the wording merely describes a feature of applicant’s goods, namely, a small sized handheld tablet computer.” Apple has another 3 months to appeal the letter.

New iPad Mini Could Drop In April!!!!

  New news is speculating that Apple may release their 5th gen iPad as early as April. So far the 5th gen iPad casings have leaked from Foxconn, which does;nt mean that Apple will release a new iPad as early as April jsut means they are already in the works. Also the word on the new iPads are dont expect any big design changes (of course not) but expect a minor spec upgrades like better battery life. Is Apple releasing another iPad mini too early. In my opinion yeah, instead of pushing the specs up a little bit, but overhaul the entire device.

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