(Video) Sheesh: Big Girl Gets The Business Handed To Her During A Jamaican Party

Jamaican parties get pretty wild but this one got extremely wild. A big girl got put on her back literally at one of their wild fiasco’s. The woman got man handled by not one, not two, but about three men.

(Video) Bumbaclot: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Speaks In Jamaican Patois After Hitting The Bottle ‘A Little’

LMFAO! Just when we think Toronto Mayor Rob Ford cannot get any crazier, he pulls a new stunt like this. Ford was caught on camera at the Steak Queen restaurant in Rexdale, Toronto immitating a Jamaician and cursing in Patois. He kept saying “bumbaclot” over and over again (and it is HILARIOUS). After the video went viral, Ford admitted to reporters that he had been drinking “a little” prior to his actions that were videotaped. Click below and peep the hilarious video of the crack-smoking mayor.

(Video) Woah Now: Jamaicans Have Wild Dance Party & Things Get CRAZY!

I know that Jamaican parties can get a little wild, but this one definitely takes the crown! Check out a dancing party gone WILD (and slightly dangerous) after the jump.

What Has Happened To Reggae Music ??? Bad Boy & MMG Artists Speak On The Subject

You learn something new everyday. I was clueless to the fact that MMG had a reggae artist. #teamMMG. Topic at hand is ‘Old School’ schools ‘New School’. Ian Lewis of Inner Circle (Bad Boy) talks to Magazeen (MMG) about why Dancehall music has flopped. His reason being is that Jamaicans are interested in everything American. Artists like Vybz Kartel look at musicians like Jay-Z and want to adapt to that type of culture. The two also talk about Bob Marley, STILL to this day being the number one selling artist in the history of Reggae music. I love reggae and that is just a breed of music that will never die. I hope that with the knowledge of Ian Lewis and the skills of artists like Magazeen, Vybz Kartel, and Vanessa Bling that it can get back to being a trending genre. Hell bring Beanie back. What’s he doing with himself? Magazeen takes in the information that Ian is offering and agrees wholeheartedly. Drop down to listen in on the conversation. JaaiR (JR)

(GRAPHIC VIDEO*18+) Jamaican Man Gets BEAT By Security For Getting Caught With His…

So sad. A gay man was caught with his boyfriend in the bathroom at the University of Technology, so security guards beat him badly! View at your own discretion! Biz Baby

#IFWT Remembers Marcus Garvey!!!

Today on June 10th, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr.(Aug 17th 1887-Jun 10th 1940) Passed away(some believed Murdered). He should be celebrated as a revolutionary, and visionary, as although he wanted to go back to africa, but he also called for african Americans to stop with the excuses and work hard for what you want!!! Hit the Jump to learn More On Mr. Garvey! @TatWZA #IFWT

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