Timberland Puts The Axe In Their Relationship With Jean Touitou After The N-Word Usage

One down; how many will follow? Known for their rugged boots and tree logo, Timberland cans the relationship between themselves and A.P.C. founder, Jean Touitou. Yesterday, news dropped that with the approval of Kanye West, A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou revealed his joint collection – with Timberland – Last N***as in Paris. Not everyone agreed on the controversial title to the collection, and that includes Timbaland. The company’s president, Stewart Whitney released a statement on the language of the n-word. Check down bottom.

APC Designer Speaks Out On Difficulty Working With Kanye

Kanye is definitely a tough boss when it comes to his designs, according to APC’s Jean Touitou in an interview. His responses are laced with frustration, such as “Production hasn’t been so limited—mind you, sir, we are a small company. I am not anticipating anything. I never do. I am not into the celebrity thing. The only celebrities who impress me are writers. I follow no god, no celeb, no master, no myth.” Damn I guess Kanye’s only a God to himself! Check out what else the designer said after the jump.

Fashion: Kanye and A.P.C. Capsule Collection Will Happen

The Kanye and the French’s A.P.C. capsule collection is happening July 14th. Its anticipated to make noise when its release in the fashion world. The collection will only be about the basics to rock with any outfit like a pair of jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie. More on what A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou talked about Ye after the jump…

(Photo) Don’t Expect To Pre-Order Kanye West’s “Yeezus”!

June 18th is the release date and that’s that! While, die hard “Yeezus” fans were expecting to order the album early, it seems as if it’s not going to happen that way. Kanye’s friend from Paris, Jean Touitou posted to twitter, a photo that pretty much sums up what needs to be done in order to get the album. I’m wondering, does ANY of these antics that Kanye’s pulling surprise any one? He makes his point clear in the new single! ‘New Slaves‘ all want what they want, and he’s not making it that easy. Drop down bottom and check out the gallery!

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