(Video) Ellen DeGeneres Sued By A Woman For Joke About Her Name

Titi Pierce is suing Ellen DeGeneres for making a joke out of her name. In a segment called “What’s Wrong with These Signs?,” Ellen pronounced the woman’s name, who btw is a real estate agent, as “titty.” Her name is really pronounced ‘tee-tee.’

Donald Trump Says High CEO Pay Is A ‘Complete Joke’

When asked on the CBS talk show “Face The Nation” about high CEO pay, presidential candidate and real estate billionaire Donald Trump says it’s “disgraceful” and “a complete joke.’

Comedian Amy Poehler Slammed For Joke About Blue Ivy And R.Kelly

Sometimes jokes just are not funny, and especially ones that involve children. Comedian Julie Klausner, star of the new Hulu series Difficult People written by Amy Poehler, cracked a joke about Blue Ivy and now the entire show is under attack. Klausner made a joke saying, “I can’t wait for Blue Ivy to be 18-years-old so R. Kelly can piss on her,” and now fans are calling for the show to be cancelled all together. Read more below.

(Photo) NFL: SMH, Suspended Greg Hardy Makes Terrible 9/11 Joke While Trying To Clown His Old Team

Greg Hardy is an absolute idiot! I try to write as many things as possible from a neutral stance but not today. This low life Hardy just can’t keep himself out of the news even though he should be thanking God he isn’t in jail and is still in the NFL. This moron, who isn’t smart enough to lay low after getting off from domestic violence charges thanks to a very stupid loophole in North Carolina law and paying off the woman who was accusing him, now finds himself in hot water and this time for a tasteless joke about 9/11.

(Photos) Lil Wayne Clowns Drake For Kissing Madonna and Other 4/20 Posts!

He got jokes: Instagram had more than enough room for everyone’s 4/20 tributes, munchie flicks and funnies today, but none quite like the post by Tunechi! Lil Wayne Clowns Drake For Kissing Madonna in 4/20 Joke and welp…looks like Drizzy’s not gonna live this down for a while (LOL). As for the rest, looks like Hip Hop celebrated 4/20 from coast to coast!

(Video) NFL: Lawyer For Aaron Hernandez Angers Judge By Making “Deflate” Comment During Trial

It is safe to say Superior Court Judge Susan Garsh who is hearing the Aaron Hernandez murder case plays no games. According to the Associated Press, Hernandez’s lawyer drew the judge’s ire by making a joke about the “Deflategate” scandal while questioning a witness.

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