(Video) Kevin McCall Responds To Chris Brown’s ‘Do You Know Who Is Kevin McCall Is ?’ Meme


Chris Brown responded to Kevin McCall calling him out. He had a lot to say about McCall. On top of that, Chris made a meme saying, ‘Do you know who Kevin McCall is?’ Welp! Kevin McCall is now answering Chris’s question with a video that he made answering that.

(Photo) Chris Brown Responds To Kevin McCall


Uh-Oh! Has Kevin McCall waken the beast in Chris Brown? Earlier today we heard of McCall dissing Chris Brown and also Team Breezy. Well Chris Brown has just responded to McCall’s comments and lets just say he had ALOT to say.

Kevin McCall Disses Chris Brown Again On Twitter + Adds Team Breezy Into The Mix As Well


Fans of Chris Brown were introduced to singer/songwriter Kevin McCall in 2010 and 2011, when Chris took Kevin under his wing and signed him to his CBE imprint. The guys collaborated on songs like “Deuces,” “No Bullsh*t” and Breezy’s “Marvin’s Room” remix, but years later, ended up seemingly having some tension, judging by posts from Kevin on social media. In a later interview with Vlad TV, Kevin confirmed the beef with Breezy, saying that he’d been preventing him from releasing music and other behind-the-scenes issues. Now this week, Kevin revealed that he’ll be naming his album FAME – the same name of Breezy’s 2011 album he’d appeared on, and then encouraged #TeamBreezy to basically f*ck off. He also publicly tweeted Chris, writing:

“@chrisbrown we need to sit down and handle this business. I tried the adult business route. I feel my kindness is being taken for weakness.”

In a series of more tweets, he continued to diss Chris…and then finished the rant by saying he’s a fan. This is the same guy who has a restraining order on him by his daughter’s mother, Eva Marcille, randomly said Wale had herpes because he was mad that Eva left a kiss emoji on his photo and more…so…yeah. Mess.

(Video) Kevin McCall Talks About Confrontation With Chris Brown, Eva, & Wale


KEVIN MCCALL TALKS ABOUT CONFRONTATION WITH CHRIS BROWN,EVA,WALE. In a recent interview Kevin McCall Talks candidly about all of his frustrations. Chris Brown apparently has been giving McCall the run around in terms of his music and clearing documents that would allow him to get paid. He even goes so far to say he had to “Check” Chris Breezy “I’m not Drake or Frank Ocean.”Eva Pigford put a restraining order against him and Wale just annoyed him with his comment he put on social media. Geez Louise he has a lot going on. Find out more after the jump.

Say WHAT?! Kevin McCall Gives A Public Apology For Saying Wale Has A STD!


So, I guess Kevin McCall really isn’t OVER his ex fiance Eva Marcille. If you remember, a few months after giving birth to their beautiful daughter, the couple called it quits. A restraining order was issued and all. We haven’t heard from Eva or Kevin since then until….Wale posted a picture on Instagram and Eva left a kissy emoji comment clearly flirting with the rapper. Kevin somehow saw what she said to Wale and went OFF! First he tagged Eva and called her “weak”, then he responded to a fan saying Wale has herpes anyway. WHAT!!! I guess he noticed he was looking crazy out in them streets so he then gave a public apology to Wale. check it out in the gallery…

(Photos) Chris Brown Hosts Skating Party For BET Weekend With Karrueche, Kevin McCall & More

Chris Brown's skating party

Before he made his big on-stage comeback at the 2014 BET Awards Sunday night (and got waaasted during the celebrations afterward,) Chris Brown kept his wild partying to a minimum for the weekend, holding his 1st Annual Skate Jam Party at Moonlight Rollerway just outside of L.A. Attendees included his girlfriend Karrueche, my girl crush Heather Sanders, singer Kevin McCall, Sevyn Streeter and even some fans! “Had a great time this weekend,” Breezy said when posting a pic of the event, of which all proceeds from the $20 cover charge went to his Symphonic Love charity. Check out more pics from the party in the gallery!

Update: Eva Marcille Is Granted Full Custody Of Daughter In Messy Breakup With Kevin McCall

Eva Marcille & Kevin McCall

Just a few weeks back, top model Eva Marcille filed a restraining order against her fiancé Kevin McCall after they had it out in their apartment and attempted to take their baby girl Marley right out of Eva’s hands. Eva recently made a statement, presented by her rep. Eva has obtained full custody of their child and McCall currently has no visitation rights. McCall posted to Instagram with a statement.. “Sometimes a man’s purpose in a woman’s life is to help her become a better woman…for another man. Keep her happy fellas or someone else will…” Unfortunate, but hopefully for the best.. Check out the gallery for more pics.

(Photos) OK! Top Model Eva Marcille Makes A Statement In Court!!


Top Model Eva Marcille has been going through some trouble in her past relationship. According to recent reports, she’s currently engaged in a restraining order battle with her ex-boyfriend, Kevin McCall. It all started back on March 28th, when Marcille alleged that McCall went crazy during an argument and began chasing her around in their home. She even claimed that he tried to take their daughter from her arms. As far as the restraining order, Eva’s won. Hit the jump to see who’s granted custody of their daughter.

Eva Marcille Files Restraining Order Against Kevin McCall; Reconcile Days Later

Eva Marcille & Kevin McCall

This doesn’t feel like it’s going to end well. Though they managed to keep it under wraps for almost 2 weeks, news leaked online today that ANTM’s Eva Marcille filed a restraining order on March 28th against Kevin McCall, her boyfriend/father of her newborn daughter. According to the document, Eva said that during an argument, Kevin “violently” kicked down 4 doors in the house that they share while trying to snatch their child from her arms, and even threatened to punch her. However, a week later on April 4th, Eva posted a photo of herself, Kevin and their daughter with the hashtag #familyfirst. Neither has spoken out about the incident, but shortly after the reports were published, Eva took to her Instagram with a Buddha quote that read, “The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.”

(Photos) Isn’t She Lovely?? Eva Marcille And Kevin McCall Shows Off Beautiful Daughter!

Eva And Kevin

As you all know Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall welcomed an adorable baby girl into this world about 5 weeks ago. Little Miss Marley Rae isn’t a stranger to the camera at all. First pictures was released a couple of weeks ago and now she’s back to warm your hearts with her precious face!

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