(Photos) Kevin McCall Takes To Twitter To Confront Who Ever Pulled A Gun On Him

Uh oh! Looks like Kevin McCall might be in a little trouble. McCall took to Twitter to confront who ever tried to “sneak him” and even tweeted Karrueche insinuating that she knew who the person was. Check out the tweets in the gallery after the jump!

(Audio + Photo ) Kevin McCall Is Still Coming For Karrueche..He Even Makes A Song About Her

Karrueche already shut Kevin McCall down once. Apparently he has not had enough because he is still coming for her in hopes of making Chris Brown mad i’m assuming.

(Video) Here We Go Again: Chris Brown Roasts Kevin McCall

Uh oh! Chris Brown and Kevin Mc Call are back at it again. Chris took to Instagram to straight go in on K Macc. This isnt the first time KMacc and Chris have gone at it and I’m sure it wont be the last. Chris tells Mc Call he better act right since he still has his contracts. He jokes around saying he better chill out before he’s singing background for Royalty. Pure comedy!

(Video) LMFAO: Chris Brown Thanks Kevin McCall

The beef between Chris Brown and Kevin McCall is opening up. In a recent video, Chris thanks Kevin for everything he was able to buy off of his money. Chris points out of the whips he has in the name of ‘KMac.’

(Photo + Video) Chris Brown Responds To Kevin McCall’s Claims Of Him Stealing

Aw man! Chris Brown has just responded to McCall’s claims of him stealing from him. Brown didn’t even go as hard as he could have. He just laughed at it. He made a joke out of McCall’s outside singing video.

(Photo + Video) Kevin McCall Has More Words For Chris Brown

Its not secret that Kevin McCall and Chris Brown are not really fans of each other. They have exchanged words before to the point of where they were talking about putting the paws on each other. Kevin has now took to Instagram to come at Chris once again. Kevin is just coming for everyone this week. He recently came for his baby mother’s new man for holding their daughter. Lil Mo took to he Instagram to tell her friend to just make another baby if he’s hurt. McCall even had a problem with his BM’s brother after he responded to McCall’s post about the man. He then stood outside of his house making music while waiting for the brother to come fight him.

(Photo) Kevin McCall Gets Upset At Another Man Holding His Child

We all know Kevin McCall is a hot tamale. He recently exploded due to another man holding his daughter Marley. Apparently the man, who’s name is Mike Sterling, is dating his baby mother Eva.

(Video) Kevin McCall Responds To Chris Brown’s ‘Do You Know Who Is Kevin McCall Is ?’ Meme

Chris Brown responded to Kevin McCall calling him out. He had a lot to say about McCall. On top of that, Chris made a meme saying, ‘Do you know who Kevin McCall is?’ Welp! Kevin McCall is now answering Chris’s question with a video that he made answering that.

(Photo) Chris Brown Responds To Kevin McCall

Uh-Oh! Has Kevin McCall waken the beast in Chris Brown? Earlier today we heard of McCall dissing Chris Brown and also Team Breezy. Well Chris Brown has just responded to McCall’s comments and lets just say he had ALOT to say.

Kevin McCall Disses Chris Brown Again On Twitter + Adds Team Breezy Into The Mix As Well

Fans of Chris Brown were introduced to singer/songwriter Kevin McCall in 2010 and 2011, when Chris took Kevin under his wing and signed him to his CBE imprint. The guys collaborated on songs like “Deuces,” “No Bullsh*t” and Breezy’s “Marvin’s Room” remix, but years later, ended up seemingly having some tension, judging by posts from Kevin on social media. In a later interview with Vlad TV, Kevin confirmed the beef with Breezy, saying that he’d been preventing him from releasing music and other behind-the-scenes issues. Now this week, Kevin revealed that he’ll be naming his album FAME – the same name of Breezy’s 2011 album he’d appeared on, and then encouraged #TeamBreezy to basically f*ck off. He also publicly tweeted Chris, writing:

“@chrisbrown we need to sit down and handle this business. I tried the adult business route. I feel my kindness is being taken for weakness.”

In a series of more tweets, he continued to diss Chris…and then finished the rant by saying he’s a fan. This is the same guy who has a restraining order on him by his daughter’s mother, Eva Marcille, randomly said Wale had herpes because he was mad that Eva left a kiss emoji on his photo and more…so…yeah. Mess.

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