Its not secret that Kevin McCall and Chris Brown are not really fans of each other. They have exchanged words before to the point of where they were talking about putting the paws on each other. Kevin has now took to Instagram to come at Chris once again. Kevin is just coming for everyone this week. He recently came for his baby mother’s new man for holding their daughter. Lil Mo took to he Instagram to tell her friend to just make another baby if he’s hurt. McCall even had a problem with his BM’s brother after he responded to McCall’s post about the man. He then stood outside of his house making music while waiting for the brother to come fight him.

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McCall Worte a message to Chris saying,

@chrisbrownofficial why am I signed to u? Your a not cut from the same cloth as me that’s why you got jealous and tried to black ball me ESPECIALLY after my cousin Reonna called my cell phone in the studio way back and your thirsty crack pipe ass all in my phone and started TRIPPING OUT! and I guess you felt my spelling skills where that bad but yeah ever since then I knew u were the new Franky Linemen minus the perm but you went and did that too (why do birds sing so ghey?) They explained to me you got insecure and jealous of Dark skin niggaz who will slap your ass in the face if u talk shit IN THEIR face and not on ig. I let u pass last time stop bringing up your Hommies link up and let do this paper work Hoe. Then we don’t have to go back and forth u like me or something? U want child support too punk?

Chris Brown has posted to Instagram but the post had nothing to do with McCall though. I guess he’s done with the back and forth. Apparently, McCall is ready to throw punches.

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