(Video) Beanie Sigel Gets Knocked Out By One Of Meek Mill’s Crew Members

\ Well here’s a plot twist for you guys. Beanie Sigel has recently got knocked out by one of Meek Mill’s crew members. Many people are scratching their heads after Sigel was recently on Meek’s diss track to Game. Everyone figured they were cool.

(Video) Woman Knocks Her Man’s Teeth Out After He Tries To Talk To Another Woman

We ALL know in a relationship, talking to another woman is a no no. Apparently this man did not know how crazy he woman really is.

(Video) Man Gets Knocked Out Three Times And Keeps Trying To Fight

Some people just don’t know when to say enough is enough. One man gets beat up pretty bad to the point where he got knocked to the ground and had trouble standing up. He kept coming back for more though. Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Boxing: OUCH! Michael B. Jordan Got Knocked Out For Real on ‘Creed’ Set

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes as actors prepare for their roles.  Many actors engage in “method acting” where they go to extreme lengths to get into character.   For example, Jack Nicholson lived in a psychiatric ward with real patients in order to prepare for his role in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.  For “Creed”, Michael B. Jordan decided to take a real punch.

(Video) NCAA: Very Scary! Cincinnati QB Gunner Kiel Knocked Totally Unconscious After Taking Hit To His Head

Cincinnati quarterback, Gunner Kiel, was awake and moving some of his limbs last night in the hospital after taking a vicious hit on the field. Players immediately knew it was bad as they motioned for medical personnel to race onto the field.

(Video) Sports: DAMN! Soccer Player Knocks Out Referee After Getting a Yellow Card!

Soccer is taken very seriously in other countries.  Fights and riots break out but in this match, the violence occurred on the field.  In the Chajarí Football League in Argentina, during a match between Ferro and Tiro Federal, referee Arnaldo Beron issued a yellow card and paid for it dearly.

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