NBA: Paul George on Larry Bird’s Offseason Moves: ‘I’m glad he’s not letting me waste years’

Paul George lost the players that helped him get to the Eastern Conference; David West, Roy Hibbert, George Hill, and Lance Stephenson are all gone.  Last season however, the Indiana Pacers finished with a 45-37 record for the No. 7 seed in the eastern conference, making it to the playoffs.  Though they lost in Game 7 against the Toronto Raptors, George realized he was ready to accept the responsibility of the all encompassing leader of the team.  Of course he’ll still need help but he’s happy with the Pacers moves this offseason.

NBA: Larry Bird Thinks This Era Might Be The Best In NBA History

Lately there seems to be an influx of old, retired NBA players who want to discredit the current era of the NBA. They want to believe the time they played back in the 90′, 80’s or even earlier, was the best and had the best players. They usually like to narrow in on Steph Curry and explain how he would have no chance to do what he does now had he been playing in the past. No matter what they say, they all come off like bitter, out of touch guys but at least one legend from a previous era, Larry Bird, is pretty certain he is currently watching the best era ever!

NBA: Frank Vogel Out as Pacers Head Coach

The Indiana Pacers were eliminated from the playoffs by the Toronto Raptors in a game 7, round 1 series.  Despite having the most wins in the Pacers NBA franchise history, Larry Bird announced that they will not renew head coach Frank Vogel’s contract after five seasons.

NBA: Carmelo Anthony Passes Larry Bird on All-Time Scoring List

The New York Knicks completed their comeback against the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night with a 118-111 overtime win.  It was also a special night for Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony as he passed Larry Bird on the all-time scoring list.

(Video) NBA: Larry Bird Defends Stephen Curry & Says He is Our Best Player

I want to start off by saying Mark Jackson’s comments were blown way out of proportion simply because many people want to play off the bitter ex-coach angle.  In any event, Larry Bird was asked about the comments and didn’t berate Jackson but also spoke up to Curry’s greatness.

(Video) NBA: Pacers Jordan Hill Arrested For Driving 107 MPH, Larry Bird Is Pissed

Indiana Pacers player Jordan Hill was arrested in Atlanta this week after cops say he was burning rubber at 107 miles per hour, without a shirt. Several people called 911 to report the vehicle on Tuesday and cops eventually caught up to the former Lakers player, who was driving a Range Rover.

(Video) NBA: Larry Bird Says Michael Jordan Would ‘Kill’ Him If They Played One-On-One Today

During their primes, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird were some of the best basketball players to ever touch the court.  Since then they’ve both remained in the sport with Jordan owning the Charlotte Hornets and Larry Bird the president of the Indiana Pacers.  So who would win if they played one-on-one today?

NBA: Throwback! Legend Dominique Wilkins Shares Larry Bird Trash-Talk Story & Life As A Rookie

Dominique Wilkins talks about being punked as a rookie in the NBA, re-telling the story of the EPIC Game 7 Duel between Wilkins and Larry Bird in 1988. Bird, known for his trash-talking & threes going in like water, told Wilkins it wouldn’t be easy & made it hard the new, young rookie!

NBA: Nick Young Says He’s the Best Three-Point Shooter, Check Out the Rest of His Top 5

Nick Young made his season debut on Tuesday night and brought all of his swag with him, scoring 17 points and making 2-of-4 3-pointers.  He was feeling pretty good and confident in himself, maybe a little too confident but hey his nickname is Swaggy P for a reason.  Not only did he say the Lakers won because his swag rubbed off on everybody, he also said he’s the best three-point shooter of all time.  Check out the rest of his list.

NBA: Pacers President Larry Bird Goes In On Paul George For Ray Rice Comments

Yesterday we reported that the Pacers superstar made some disparaging remarks about the Ray Rice domestic violence mess. George has since apologized for his comments, but it did not stop NBA Legend Larry Bird from speaking out against George’s remarks.

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