(Video) Cam’ron – Lean

Cam’ron pushes his new mixtape The Program with the official video for his song “Lean” off the project. Watch after the jump!

#MusicStillMatters New Music: Lil Uzi Vert – Lean

Listen to a new track from Uzi Vert which just surfaced on the internet today. This one’s called “Lean.” Listen to the track below by downloading the official Funk Flex App for iOS & Android for free.

Nipsey Hussle Expected To Do Jail Time For 2 Days After Codeine Possession

Nipsey Hussle is expected to complete 2 more days of jail time after he got out of charges for lean confiscation. The confiscation left him with a suspended license. He entered a no contest plea which allowed him to get 3 days removed out of the 5 days he was suppose to do in jail. Now he has 2 more days to complete.

Just Kidding: Curren$y Says He Did Not Almost Die From Sipping Sizzurp With Wayne

False alarm. Currensy says he did not almost die from sipping lean with Lil Wayne. He says it was just a joke and not meant for people to take seriously. However, Currensy did say he slept for about 18 hours.

(Video) Curren$y Talks Almost Dying From Drinking Lean With Lil Wayne!

Curren$y reflects on the time he drank a full bottle of lean which he thought was Hawaiin Punch…back when they were selling a bunch of different flavors. He recalls coming into the bus after a basketball game, downing the bottle, to which Lil Wayne came in and said “You’re probably going to die.” Hit the jump!

(Video) Big Gipp Calls Out Future On Drug Use: “He Doesn’t Get As High As He Talks”

Big Gipp recently stopped by Dash Radio to chop it up with DJ Nelz & DJ Prophet. The Goodie Mob rapper, opened about his new music, Organized Noise documentary, drugs in Hip Hop and he thoughts rapper Future. Big Gipp talked about how drugs are often celebrated in Hip Hop. He said, “Everybody high,” adding, “It’s a designer world, man…You actually got kids in the West Coast doing lean. That used to be something that was just going on in Texas and Memphis. Now it’s something that’s spread all the way across the nation.” He then touched on Dirty Sprite rapper, Future and the difference between spending money on drugs instead of making good music. “He don’t get as high as he talks,” Gipp stated, “I can tell y’all right now, dude got three, four albums that’s still sitting up ready to go. You can’t do that kind of music when you’re high the way he talks.” More below.

Uh Oh! Is Lil Wayne Back To Sipping Lean?

TMZ is reporting that Lil Wayne is back to sipping lean consistently. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Lil Herb spent Over 50K On Lean!

Lean drinking is unfortunately a very popular craze among the urban community. Plenty of artist and entertainers lost their lives due to this drug beverage. Example, ASAP Yams, lost his life to lean and overdosed. Lil Herb, is also an artist who dabbled with the use of lean and even spent over 50k on the drug!

(Video) The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes?

The original King of Pop is known for his signature moves on stage and leaving “Blood On The Dancefloor,” but also for being an innovator in all things performance tech. For years people wondered about the iconic move first seen in the “Smooth Criminal” video, but the science has been exposed. The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes???

A$AP Rocky Ditches Lean For What?!

On to the next thrill A$AP Mob Frontman Rocky talks about his new choice of poison. Straying away from lean, the rapper is now into more experimental drugs. “My inspiration now is from psychedelics and shit. LSD, I love it. It almost makes you feel like you’re the best creator next to God.” he said. “I look forward to a stadium full of people high off of energy, whatever their preference of drug is, and my music,” he said. “A stadium full of people just losing themselves to the moment. When I get that, that’s when I’ll be satisfied.”

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