(Video) 2 Chainz Heads To Court & Enters His Plea In Felony Drug Possession Case

2 Chainz in court

Late last week, 10 months after being arrested when cops found codeine in his checked bag in the airport, 2 Chainz was charged with felony drug possession. Yesterday afternoon, the rapper made a very brief appearance in an L.A. courtroom, pleading ‘not guilty’ to the charge. He faces up to 3 years in prison if convicted.

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ScHoolboy Q Talks Balancing Fatherhood, Drug Use & Transitioning From The Streets To Rap

ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q has been doing tons of promo for his latest album Oxymoron that just dropped a few days ago and his die-hard fans world-wide are more than ecstatic about the overload of publicity he’s been getting. The TDE artist chopped it up with Vibe Magazine’s own Bonsu Thompson for an exclusive interview, covering so many topics. Q discussed his role as a father, why 50 Cent wasn’t on his album, the current status of his addiction problem, his relationship with Kendrick Lamar and much, much more. Read the whole interview below!

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(Video) ScHoolboy Q Speaks On His Current Lean Usage & Admits It’s Affecting His Sex Life & Rapping

ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q dropped by Hot 97 this week to promote his forthcoming debut album, Oxymoron. During his chat with Angie Martinez, he admitted he’s back on lean after taking a break to record the album, and that it’s greatly affecting his personal life. Picking lean over a woman? That’s kind of crazy! Hear him out below and let us know what you think!

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(Photos) Busted! Here’s The Drug Evidence From Justin Bieber’s House!

Justin Bieber

Strange, an L.A. County Sheriff’s spokesperson says their deputies saw no drugs when they raided Justin Bieber’s house and there was no smoking room but… this might tell us different! There’s proof of the room. Justin and his boys call it the Bob Marley Room. There are lots of bongs, and it was in open sight when deputies were at JB’s. Sources reported that Justin had 2 big cookie jars of weed displayed in the house. There were 4 to 5 empty codeine bottles laying around.

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He’s On His Way To Recovery! Chief Keef Says Rehab Helped Him Get Off Lean!


Keef Keef Keef, what are we going to do with this kid?! The shouter of, “GLO” has been in rehab for couple of weeks now, and it seems to be working, according to him.
The judge who Chief Keef continuously reports in front of, patience is wearing pretty thin.
“I’ve had murderers who haven’t had so much time before this court. It’s getting ridiculous,” says Judge Earl Hoffenberg to Keef’s lawyers. The attorneys went in front of the Hoffenberg to let him in on how much progress the, “Love Sosa” rapper has had.
The Chicago teen has even admitted to quitting lean [shown below] – drug, drink usually mixed with cough syrup and Sprite. I hope he can stay off of the stuff for his sake, because the judge will take no more. “I’m very happy he’s doing well, but if he comes back dirty, I’m done. This is it,” the judge adds. Umph…

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(Photos) Look At These Fools Selling Drugs On Instagram


You may or may not know about a website called silkroad, which was open to selling many illicit products from guns to drugs, but it was shut down by the government recently. On the street when a drug spot gets shut down the drugs and sellers don’t just go away, they set up shop somewhere else.

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(Photos) Gucci Mane Apologizes For Twitter Rant And Admits Addiction To Lean???


Gucci Mane seems to be having a change of heart, I mean with the downhill spiral he’s been putting himself in, being the bigger person and making amends is the only way to get himself out! Guwop took to twitter today to apologize for his lewd behavior on the mean twitter streets and also confessed to an addiction that could explain his wild and outrageous behavior! Hit the jump to see what Gucci has to say!

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(Video) Lil Wayne Fan Takes ‘Lean’ To A Whole NEW Level!!!

IFWT_Lean Back

LMAO, a Lil Wayne concert in OKC, “America’s Most Wanted Tour” I presume, was escorted out by police and apparently ‘on something’. I have to say the police showed a lot of restraint to deal with the way this fool was leaning..literally leaning. Hit and see!

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(Video) LOL! A$AP Rocky And Gucci Mane Caught Slipping!


Click the jump to see a video of A$AP Rocky falling on the stage and Gucci Mane not being able to keep his eyes open lol!

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(Video) Styles P – Lean

Styles P "Lean"

Off his recent album Float, SP grabs up some ladies and enjoys some hookah in “Lean.” Get into the video below.

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