Uh Oh! Is Lil Wayne Back To Sipping Lean?


TMZ is reporting that Lil Wayne is back to sipping lean consistently. Hit the jump for more.

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(Video) Lil Herb spent Over 50K On Lean!


Lean drinking is unfortunately a very popular craze among the urban community. Plenty of artist and entertainers lost their lives due to this drug beverage. Example, ASAP Yams, lost his life to lean and overdosed. Lil Herb, is also an artist who dabbled with the use of lean and even spent over 50k on the drug!

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(Video) The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes?

Michael Jackson Lean: Secret Shoes?

The original King of Pop is known for his signature moves on stage and leaving “Blood On The Dancefloor,” but also for being an innovator in all things performance tech. For years people wondered about the iconic move first seen in the “Smooth Criminal” video, but the science has been exposed. The Secret To The Michael Jackson Lean Was The Shoes???

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A$AP Rocky Ditches Lean For What?!


On to the next thrill A$AP Mob Frontman Rocky talks about his new choice of poison. Straying away from lean, the rapper is now into more experimental drugs. “My inspiration now is from psychedelics and shit. LSD, I love it. It almost makes you feel like you’re the best creator next to God.” he said. “I look forward to a stadium full of people high off of energy, whatever their preference of drug is, and my music,” he said. “A stadium full of people just losing themselves to the moment. When I get that, that’s when I’ll be satisfied.”

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(Video) Rich Homie Quan Speaks On New Atlanta, Denies Any Health Scare Allegations And More!


Rich Homie Quan sat down with ATL’s 107.9 to discuss a few of the health rumors surrounding him, including his seizure due to alleged lean usage, as well as the new creators coming out of Atlanta. Check out the full interview!

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(Video) Young Thug The Latest Rapper On That Lean?!


I thought we(the hip hop community) were moving toward giving this drug a rest?! Well it seems as though Young Thug is not on that page, it actually looks like he’s about to give ‘Lean’ credit for his musical talent 0_0

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(Photos) Oh No! Rob Kardashian Is Over-Weight And Addicted To Sizzurp!

Rob Kardashian at LAX this weekend

Rob Kardashian has been gaining weight like crazy these past few months and nobody is quite sure why. However, after these new pics went viral, we’re starting to gain a better idea of why the KUWTK star is packing them on so fast.

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(Video) Ab-Soul Talks ‘These Days’, Sipping Lean And Say’s What About Quoting Jay Z and Nas?


Ab-Soul has taken to his latest interview with Complex, to discuss the release of his upcoming project ‘These Days’, as well as revealing that he makes a reference to Hip Hop greats Nas and Jay Z in every project. Watch as Soulo discusses quoting the legends, sipping lean and more below!

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(Video) Lil Keke Talks Lean And Says Its ‘The Saddest Thing In The Game’


Houston native Lil Keke, has taken to his latest interview to discuss the increase and glorification of Lean usage within the Hip Hop industry. Lil Keke says many who boost of the drug do not understand the consequences. Check out the full interview, below.

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Rich Homie Quan Releases Official Statement; Denies Lean Allegations

Rich Homie Quan on set with Problem the day of the incident

Earlier this week, Rich Homie Quan was making headlines – not for securing a spot on the XXL Freshman cover – but for suffering back-to-back seizures on set of a new music video, and falling and hitting his head. Many immediately speculated that it was related to the consumption of lean, as this has been the cause behind many other health issues for other artists who are fans of the illegal cough medicine. After brief responses via Twitter, Quan has released an official statement, detailing what really happened and denying it being a direct result of lean – though he does NOT deny his usage of it regularly. Check out the full statement below.

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