NBA: Clippers Rip Refs After Being Called for 7 Technical Fouls in Loss to Nuggets!

IFWT_Clippers refs

The L.A. Clippers were called for a ridiculous 7 technical fouls, including two flagrants and three techs in 30 seconds during the fourth quarter of Friday’s 109-106 loss to the Nuggets.

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NBA: Charlotte Hornets Already Trying to Trade Lance Stephenson

IFWT_Lance Stephenson 2

Starting today players who signed a contract in July are now eligible to be traded.  Lance Stephenson is one of those players and the Charlotte Hornets have already been busy working the phones, trying to find options.  It’s just been 23 games into the season but the Hornets are ready to part with the talented but enigmatic guard and trade Lance Stephenson.

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NBA: Add the Clippers & Grizzlies So Basically the Entire League is After Ray Allen


The longer Ray Allen takes to make a decision, the more teams throw their names into the hat.  The Cleveland Cavaliers were the leaders to land the sharpshooter but now he has several options.  The Golden State Warriors made the most buzz when they announced they contacted Allen and now there’s another two well-playing Western Conference teams that are interested, the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Clippers

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(Video) NBA: Did John Wall Tell the Ref Stop Sucking Chris Paul’s D*ck?!

IFWT_John Wall Chris Paul 2

On Friday night two of the best point guards in the league faced off as the Los Angeles Clippers played the Washington Wizards.  Chris Paul and John Wall went at it, both trying to exert their speed and ball handling.  Now I’m sure if you’re a basketball fan then you’ve heard of superstar calls and you know that Chris Paul gets more than his fair share.  Paul is elite at getting to the free throw line.  Whether you want to attribute that to the referees or Paul is up to you.  On Friday night however, Wall had enough.

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(18+ Video Humor) NBA: Chris Paul Slips Up & Says Wrong Word In Press Conference


Yesterday night, following a pretty blowout (114-86), Chris Paul tried to comment on his team’s amazing performance. However, his words became jumbled, and in the midst of trying to say ‘dictate,’ you can ONLY guess what was said instead. Yes ladies and gents, he said ‘dick’ clear as day during the press conference. While the moment did become awkward, teammate Blake Griffin provided some comic relief with a HILARIOUS, hearty laugh! Videos after the jump…

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(Photo) NBA: LA Clippers Star Blake Griffin Unveils His Bachelor Pad


Blake Griffin’s man cave is awesome! The superstar posted a pic to social media and showed us basically how he relaxes at home. Hit the jump for details.

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(Photos) Sports: Rob Gronkowski & Patriots Hang With Justin Bieber in Clippers Locker Room


No curse of the Bieber?  Well apparently the New England Patriots don’t “Beliebe” in curses caused by pop singers. Tight end Rob Gronkowski, running backs Jonas Gray and Shane Vereen and linebackers Akeem Ayers and Darius Fleming posed for pictures with Justin Bieber in the Los Angeles Clippers locker room Monday night.

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(Photos) NBA: Kid Ink Takes Pic With Blake Griffin & Chris Paul, But It Doesn’t Go As Planned


Kid Ink was in the building for last night’s Clippers v. Bulls game and posed for a picture with the team’s superstars, and their teammate Doug McDermott crashed the photo. Even after Blake jokingly pushed him out of the way. LOL. Hit the jump for details.

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(Video) NBA: Shelly Sterling Praises Clippers New Owner, Right In Front Of Donald Sterling


I am still upset that Shelly Sterling got a pass last year when her husband and now former Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, went on his racist tirade. She tried to play innocent and claims she didn’t think the same way but they have been married more than 30 years, I am sure she thinks somewhat along the same lines as Donald does. It was only about money for her. She now gets looked upon as some great Clippers fan and it is just a joke. She should of been expelled from the league the same way her hubby was just by association alone. Now she is out on the street praising new Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer, while Donald just stands and listens. I’m sorry but she is so phony to me. I wonder how Donald felt after her comments when the camera turned off.

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NBA: LA Clippers Star Blake Griffin Makes First Comments Since Battery Charges Filed


Last night we reported that Griffin was charged with misdemeanor battery in connection to the nightclub incident which occurred back in October. Griffin briefly commented on the incident today during an interview. Hit the jump for details.

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