(Photos) NBA: Are The Clippers About To Change Their Uniform To These Hideous Samples?


The Los Angeles Clippers have had the same uniform setup for a long time now. Most NBA fans like their jerseys with the red, white and blue combos and when Jersey’s were in style as far as fashion, the Clippers was easily one of the more popular ones. There is nothing wrong with wanting to change things up a bit, but the new rumored Clippers jerseys are downright hideous and NOBODY has said anything positive yet.

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(Video) NBA: Chris Kaman Shoves Chris Paul to the Ground After Getting Hit in the Nuts


Chris Paul was having a rough week and took it all out on the Portland Trail Blazers Wednesday night.  After Shaq told him he would never win a ring and Stephen Curry dropped him, making him the butt of many jokes and memes, Paul dropped 41 points and 17 assists in the Clippers 126-122 win over the Trail Blazers and was ready to take out Chris Kaman after a big shove to the ground.

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(Video) NBA: Shaq Takes Shots at Chris Paul, the Clippers & the Lakers!

Shaquille O'Neal

Comedy Central held a roast of Justin Bieber and among the roasters were Hannibal Burress, Chris D’Elia, Natasha Leggero, Jeff Ross, Snoop Dogg, Shaquille O’Neal, Martha Stewart (yes Martha Stewart) and Kevin Hart as the host.  While the cast told obvious and hilarious jokes about Bieber they also joked on each other.  Shaq took it a step further and joked on Chris Paul, his team the Clippers and Shaq’s old team the Lakers.

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NBA: Well Damn! V. Stiviano Got $3.6 Million For Being Donald Sterling’s Mistress


V. Stiviano could be having a very nice life right now if she just knew how to shut the hell up. She was living the high life until she tried to get greedy and secretly recorded former Clippers owner Donald Sterling going on a racist tirade. She thought the recording was going to give her fame and fortune, but instead she lost that high life and may even lose more if Shelly Sterling gets her way.

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NBA: DeAndre Jordan Says He’s Going to Look Around & the Free Agency Process Will Be Fun


DeAndre Jordan is especially close with Chris Paul and Blake Griffin; and Doc Rivers has been a big supporter of Jordan since he took over as head coach, but all that doesn’t mean Jordan won’t fly the coop when free agency rolls around.

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(Video) NBA: Chris Paul Goes Crazy, Screaming at DeAndre Jordan When He Doesn’t Shoot Game-Winner

IFWT_Chris Paul 1

Chris Paul was hopping mad as the Clippers gave away a 10-point lead in the final three minutes before losing to the Blazers 98-93 in overtime on Wednesday.  Paul’s frustration hit its peak in the closing seconds of regulation. With 2.8 seconds remaining and the game tied at 87, Paul tossed up a potential game-winning runner that banked off the glass and rimmed out. The rebound then fell to DeAndre Jordan, who grabbed the ball but held it in his hand instead of attempting a putback, seemingly because he believed that time had expired.

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(Video) NBA: LMAO, DeAndre Jordan Distracted By Tupac Song Mid-Interview


It’s Pac right? Well, at least that’s what the LA Clippers center thought during his post-game interview following a win over the Boston Celtics Monday night. After an outstanding win & double-double, DeAndre Jordan was definitely ready to TURN UP!

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(Photos) NBA: Jay Z and Beyonce Are All Smiles Sitting Courtside at Clippers/Cavs Game

IFWT_Jay Bey Clippers 2

There was a big game between the Los Angeles Clippers and Cleveland Cavaliers on Friday night but a lot of the action was on the sidelines.  Not only were Floyd Mayweather and Matt Barnes engaged in a heated argument, hip-hop royalty, Jay Z and wife Beyonce were also sitting courtside.

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(Video) NBA: I Won’t Say He’s On Something But.. Check Out Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Dancing to Fergie

IFWT_Ballmer Fergie

Former Microsoft CEO and current Los Angeles Clippers owner, Steve Ballmer is quite the interesting character.  It’s no secret that he’s crazy, sorry rich people are called “eccentric”.  He’s given high octane speeches including screaming and bouncing around; he has no shortage of energy.  On Wednesday night, Fergie performed during the Clippers game against the Los Angeles Lakers.  The ever energetic owner surely enjoyed the show as he danced along or whatever you want to call this…

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NBA: Nick Young Says He Prefers the ‘Winning Atmosphere’ of the Lakers Over the Clippers

NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Atlanta Hawks

Nick Young is a Los Angeles native and grew up a Lakers fan so of course he loves playing for the team he grew up idolizing.  But… obviously his love is clouding his judgement.  The Lakers are currently 11-24 and will likely miss the playoffs while their counterparts, the Los Angeles Clippers are currently 23-12 in the sixth spot of the Western Conference.  Young played with the Clippers in 2012 but says he prefers the Lakers because they have a winning atmosphere.

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