NBA: Shelly Sterling Explains How She Got Steve Ballmer To Pay $2 Billion For The Clippers

IFWT_Shelly Sterling

With her husband caught in a firestorm of controversy and mental capacity deteriorated, Shelly Sterling had to step from the background into the forefront and make the largest sale in NBA history.  So how did she do it?  She finally sat down and explained the process.

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NBA: Uh-Oh These Championship Contending Teams Are After Ray Allen Too!


Ray Allen still hasn’t decided whether he wants to retire or keep playing.  Should he come back however, it has been reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers are in the lead to sign him.  Well it turns out these two championship contending teams are after him as well.

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(Photos) NBA: Jamal Crawford Marries Long-Time Girlfriend Tori Lucas With Clippers in Attendance

IFWT_Jamal x Tori wedding

Love is in the air as we’ve seen a ton of weddings over the past couple of weeks.  On Saturday, August 23rd, Clippers guard Jamal Crawford was the latest to tie the knot as he married his long time girlfriend Tori Lucas in Seattle.  In attendance were his Clippers teammates and other NBA stars; Chris Paul, DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Matt Barnes, JJ Reddick, LaMarcus Aldridge and former Clipper Grant Hill.  Singer Tank and Seattle rapper Sir-Mix-Alot and Wale were there as well.

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(Video) NBA: Here’s a Few Important Points From Steve Ballmer’s INSANE Clippers Rally

IFWT_Ballmer Clippers

It’s a new beginning for the Los Angeles Clippers; the dark cloud that is Donald Sterling is gone and Steve Ballmer has come to brighten up the day.

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(Video) NBA: After Numerous Appeals Donald Sterling Finally Gives Up, “I’m Finished, I’m Over”


It looks like Donald Sterling has finally thrown in the towel and given up.  All of his appeals to stop the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers have been rejected and Steve Ballmer is officially the new owner.  TMZ Sports caught up with Donald and he had a few words to sum it all up.

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NBA: Shelly Sterling Named Clippers No. 1 Fan, Literally! Check Out The Other Perks She Gets!

IFWT_Shelly Sterling

It’s definitely a win to get Donald Sterling out as owner of the Los Angeles Clippers but his wife Shelly Sterling is no angel either.  Because she wasn’t caught on the racist tapes and because she completed the $2 billion sale to Steve Ballmer she’s sort’ve been let off the hook although her record is quite the spotty one.  Anyways in compliance with the sale she completed, Shelly gets a lot of perks and one of them is literally being named the “Clipper Number 1 fan”.

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NBA: Feel Poor Yet? Steve Ballmer Says $2 Billion For Clippers Is A Reasonable Price He’s Excited About


On Tuesday former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer officially became the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers with the fellow NBA owners unanimously voting 29-0 in his favor.  Of course they were more than happy to vote him in as his whopping $2 billion purchase raises the value of every team in the league.  The record breaking sale pummels the next highest sale which was the Milwaukee Bucks who were sold for $550 million in May.  So how does Ballmer feel about the money he’s shelling out?

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NBA: Steve Ballmer is Officially the New Owner of the Los Angeles Clippers

steve ballmer microsoft ceo odds

Though former owner Donald Sterling tried his best to fight the sale, former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer is now the new owner of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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NBA: Clippers & Warriors To Face Off on Christmas Day


Christmas Day match ups are usually the best during the season containing both competitive teams and those with some drama and history attached.  We already know that the Cleveland Cavaliers are set to head down to  Miami to play the Heat, and now we have another matchup.

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NBA: Appellate Court Rules Against Donald Sterling As He’s Tries to Stop Sale Of Clippers AGAIN


Like he said, Donald Sterling is determined to fight the sale of the Clippers as long as he’s alive, except it looks like he’s running out of options.  In a recent hearing a judge ruled in favor of his wife Shelly Sterling allowing her to complete the sale of the team to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.  Donald filed with the appellate court to try and stop the sale, but they ruled against him yet again.

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