(Video) LMAO: Man Gets Caught With Stuffing Meats Down His Pants

You know the cookout was about to be lit for the summer when you have to steal pounds and pounds of meats. A man in a grocery story gets caught stealing meats and putting them in his pants. I have so many questions regarding this situation. One of which is how in the hell did he do this?

Wow! Eating Meat And Cheese Is As Deadly As WHAT!?!?

This is very interesting. According to a recent study, eating a lot of meats and cheeses during middle age is as deadly as smoking. The study that comes from the University of Southern California, published in the journal, Cell Metabolism, elaborates that “consuming high levels of animal proteins could be detrimental to a person’s health.” Hit the jump for more info.

L.A. City Council Says No Meat On Monday!?!?

The Los Angeles City Council adopted an initiative to encourage their residents to abstain from eating meat, at least on the first day of the week, citing that eating less meat can prevent or reverse some of americans most common illnesses. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

New Jersey Meat Manufacturer Recalls 300,000 Pounds Of Meat Because Of Possible Contamination!

A firm in New Jersey has had to recall 300,00 lbs. of frozen meat because it could possibly be contaminated with listeria.  The firm is based out of Bridgeton, New Jersey, hit the jump for the list of types of meat that were recalled. Steph Bassanini

(Just Sharing Pics) Is A Bacon Bra The New Lingerie???

You know how we do, sometimes we just share ridiculous Pics, and a Bacon Bra is Mos Def Ridiculous!! Hit the Jump to see just How Much! Tat WZA

(Photo) Venus Loses That Williams’ Booty!!

Unlike her sister, Venus Williams has recently shown signs of having no meat on her cheeks. Not quite sure how its possible when Serena has ALL that she has but I guess God works in mysterious ways. Hit the jump to see what Venus is [not] packing! @DJTech4

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