Money Talks: Mega Millions Jackpot Hits Records

Hope you played your numbers today, Mama needs a brand new car! The Mega Millions jackpot has reached $415 million. Cross your fingers.

Oops? Man Buys Mega Millions Ticket By Mistake Instead Of Powerball & Wins $165 Million

This sounds like a mistake I would have LOVED to have made. A Staten Island man purchased a Quik-Pick ticket for Friday’s Mega Millions drawing at a local deli when he “accidentally” got the winning ticket! He was in utter shock and didn’t even mean to buy the ticket for that specific drawing, said the owner of the deli who sold it to him. He is now $165 million dollars richer all from an accident. I could definitely live with that! As for the $1.3 billion…. it is still up for grabs, folks.

Winning Numbers Revealed For $636M Mega Millions Jackpot… Are You The Lucky Winner?

The winning numbers have officially been drawn for the hefty $636M jackpot. Needless to say, that is a LOT of money on the line so if you played the Mega Millions, I suggest you click below and see if you’re a winner!

(Video) Man Wins $35 Million Dollars After Girlfriend Dumps Him!

On Tuesday, Best Buy and Citizen bank employee Sandeep “Sunny” Singh won the 35 million Mega Million Jackpot! Wait it gets better! When asked if he had children or in a relationship he admits that she dumped him recently! She must be slapping herself silly! Click below to see his amazing story. Eloisa Melo

Kansas Mega Millions Winner Claims Prize

One of the Mega Millions winners has stepped forward to claim their prize. The winner, from Kansas, chose to stay anonymous and decided on taking one lump sum of $157 million (before taxes) which will be transferred into their bank account within a few days. All the winner said was that he or she was excited for retirement. Read more below. Julie1205

Maryland Mega Millions Winner Says She ‘Misplaced’ Winning Ticket

Mirlande Wilson, the flaky McDonald’s worker who claimed she had one of the winning Mega Million Lottery tickets now says she lost the slip. When asked by NBC News if she was going to ever to ask for her share of the dough, Wilson replied, “If I find it (the ticket).” Click below to read the story. @WiLMajor

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