Ferguson Protestors Arrested As They Await Grand Jury’s Decision To Indict Officer; Resignation Discussed


Today [Nov. 21], there is a possibility that the grand jury in the Michael Brown Ferguson shooting are expected to release a decision as to if officer Darren Wilson will be indicted or not for the teen’s execution. The group of Wilson’s peers are allowed to meet up until January, however patience is running thin.

Since the horrid day of Brown’s death, the city of Ferguson as been incited with riots, protests and arrests. With the decision waiting to be heard, more arrests have gone underway. Chants of, “Killer cops have got to go!” and more have forced police to arrest two more individuals. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon has declared a state of emergency and called in 400 National Guard troops to back up police.

Hoping to keep the peace, Brown’s father has released a statement for protestors to remain calm. Check it out down bottom.

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Grand Jury To Decide Whether Darren Wilson Will Be Indicted With The Death Of Michael Brown, This Week?



Since the grand jury selection has taken place, there have been back-and-forth information of what might happen to officer Darren Wilson; whom is said to be currently located in Atlanta. The jury was given an extended timeframe to make a decision as to whether Wilson will be charged or not, however that decision may come sooner than the expected January date.

Drop down bottom for more details.

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Ferguson Protestors Get Angry With The Release Of Mike Brown’s Autopsy Report!!


Michael Brown’s official autopsy report has been released and served as the __ for inciting even more anger in the protestors of Ferguson, MO.

According to officer Darren Wilson, while inside of his SUV, he and Brown struggled with his pistol when the teen pressed the barrel of the gun against his hip. Now, the autopsy that shows Brown hit at least six times, once in the head and one in the hand, may be a source for Wilson’s defense.

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(Photos & Video) NFL: Mike Brown Protestors Take Over St. Louis Rams MNF Game!

IFWT_Rams Ferguson Protest

Ferguson protestors have not let up in demanding justice for Mike Brown, the unarmed teenager shot dead by police officer Darren Wilson.  The protestors have taken over the St. Louis symphony, had a nasty racist filled standoff at the St. Louis Cardinals playoff game and now have appeared at the St. Louis Rams Monday Night Football game against the San Francisco 49ers.

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(Video) Ferguson, MO Police Chief Issues An Apology To Mike Brown’s Family!


Ferguson, MO Police Chief, Thomas Jackson has issued an apology statement in the death of teen, Mike Brown. Since August 9th, when officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Brown, the city has been utter mayhem. The incident incited riots and backlash towards the city’s council, police department and other local governments.

Today, Jackson acknowledges the wrong-doing on behalf of the police department by issuing a filmed apology. Check it out down bottom.

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(Photos) Darren Wilson Has Yet To Be Charged In The Death Of Mike Brown, But There Is Still Time


Ferguson officer, Darren Wilson has yet to be charged with the brutal death of Michael Brown. According to StLToday, a selected grand jury has until January to make the decision for charge or not.

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(Video) More Footage Of The Aftermath Of The Mike Brown Shooting!


Recently another video surfaced of new witnesses reacting to the shooting/killing of Mike Brown that occurred on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri. In this video, the two men who saw the shooting immediately threw their hands up while exclaiming that the victim Mike Brown surrendered. The case is currently going through investigation. We will find out whether or not Officer Darren Wilson will actually face charges next month.

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More Photos Of Darren Wilson – Shooter Of Mike Brown – Surface!!!


It’s been about three weeks since the brutal death of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson. The state of Missouri has continuously tried to keep the shooter’s identity a secret, but in this Internet age to no avail.

Wilson may be low, but his mug is not. Photos of the six-year vet’s wedding in Old Monroe, Missouri have surfaced. According to the Daily Mail, Wilson has been divorced from the wife in the photos since November.

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Boxing: Here’s What Floyd Mayweather Wants 50 Cent To Do With $750K Challenge Money


Floyd Mayweather didn’t take up 50 Cent on his $750k challenge — but Floyd still wants Fif to do something special with that money he offered to donate.  Check it out & let us know what you think about it…

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(Photo) NFL: Antonio Cromartie Gets Custom-Made Mike Brown Jersey

IFWT_Antonio Cromartie

Michael Brown was laid to rest yesterday in a huge and emotion filled funeral.  Many celebrities have shown their support for the unarmed teen who was shot dead by Ferguson police officer, Darren Wilson.  Arizona Cardinals cornerback Antonio Cromartie decided to show his support with a custom-made Mike Brown Cardinals jersey.

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