(PHOTO) Sports: Again?! Goodness!!! Floyd Mayweather Wins HUGE By Betting on Andrew Luck

Yep, Floyd Mayweather is back to showing off how much money he’s winning by betting on games — and he recently won BIG!!  He took to Twitter/Instagram tonight to show off a betting slip (from 2 weeks ago) & he won over a million dollars!  Yea, cause that’s just what the champ needs — pocket change. Lol. Check it out…

NBA: The Deal Has Been Sealed, Eric Bledsoe Agrees To $70 Million Contract

Eric Bledsoe has managed to seal the deal with team, Phoenix Suns. The Suns had formerly been discussing trade offers for Eric Bledsoe. After much holding out as a free agent, Bledsoe has scored a five-year $70 million contract. Jump on the link below for more info…

(Photos) GM Recalls 7.6 Million Vehicles Because Of WHAT?!?

Bad news for General Motors. The struggling company has recently announced the recall of up to 7.6 million vehicles dating back to 1997 because of faulty ignition switches. With this recent news, GM’s recalls have reached more than 28 million vehicles for health and safety concerns. More info after the jump.

Police Searching For Thieves Who Stole $1.1 Mill Of What?!?

In Miami, a team of masked men with a fleet of vehicles came and went on the night of June 22nd stealing 752 cases of what??

Whaaat…..She Gave $590 Mill To The Elderly?!

The one time a person respected the elderly they miss out on a fortune. Florida lottery winner, Gloria C. Mackenzie, won $590 million and she stated a fellow lottery player let her go ahead of them in line prior to getting the winning ticket.

(PHOTOS*18&Up) Boxing: DAMN! Floyd Mayweather Hits Up King of Diamonds in $2M Truck & Drops $100K!

Well he is the highest paid athlete out there!  Floyd Mayweather is always living up to his nickname! MONEY! I wouldn’t expect anything less than Mayweather dropping $100k at a strip joint, but seriously tho?! A $2 MILLION truck?!  This guy is out of control. Lol.  Check out the truck (with details) & couple pics from last night…

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