#DJFunkFlexApp Download: DJ Mister Cee – Illmatic 20th Anniversary Mix


In honor of Nas’s “Illmatic” 20th anniversary, DJ Mister Cee takes to his mid-day mix on Hot97 for a special “Illmatic” anniversary mix!. Take a listen after the jump!

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#DJFunkFlexApp DOWNLOAD: DJ Mister Cee – Notorious B.I.G. Tribute Mix


As we all know, March 9th marks the anniversary of the tragic passing of who can only be described as Hip-Hop’s greatest MC, Notorious B.I.G. This year makes it 17 years since rap lost a legend. His close friend and comrade DJ Mister Cee, who was very instrumental in introducing to the masses, gives us a special edition of his Throwback At Noon to commemorate the life and times of the Notorious one. Be advised, DJ Mister will not be on air tomorrow so he is giving us one of his most monumental and memorable Biggie tribute mixes from the year 2012. Check out the mix below the jump and make sure to download on the DJFunkFlexApp. R.I.P. Big!

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#DJFunkFlexApp Download: DJ Mister Cee – Bob Marley B-Day Mix

IFWT Mister Cee Bob Marley

Mister Cee pays homage to the late great Bob Marley on his birthday! Take a listen to the mix after the jump!

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DOWNLOAD: Funk Flex & Kool DJ Red Alert Christmas Eve 13′ Oldschool Mix


Flex & Red Alert keep the tradition alive for their 6th Christmas taking the Tri-State on a trip through memory lane playing some of the biggest classic Hip Hop records for 5 Hours straight.

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#DJFunkFlexApp Download: Mister Cee – Nelson Mandela Tribute Mix


Mister Cee take’s to his mid-day mix on Hot97 for a tribute mix to Nelson Mandela who passed away yesterday. He was 95. Take a listen and download the mix after the jump!

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Download 3 Hour Funk Flex’ Thanksgiving Oldschool HipHip Mix


In celebration of Thanksgiving, Flex blessed the Tri-State with some good throwback HipHop for us to dance off the extra pounds gained today.

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(Audio) DJ Khaled Takes Over Hot 97 With Funk Flex


With “Suffering From From Success” in stores Midnight, DJ Khaled makes that Movie on Hot 97 with Funk Flex. Download mix after the jump & Make sure you Pre-Order via iTunes now!!

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(Audio) Get Ready For The Puerto Rican Day Parade With Cipha Sounds’ Mix!!!

IFWT_Puerto Rican Day Parade

It’s going down in NYC this week with The Puerto Rican Day Parade here again. You know Ciph has your back with a mix for you all. Blast it after the jump.

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(Video) The Wait Is Over! Cassie & Diddy In The Studio Finalizing #Rockabyebaby


Sit yo’ five dolla a** down ‘for I make change! No matter who says that it’s funny.
The wait is over! If you’re a behind-the-scenes kind of person, you’re going to love this. Cassie, Diddy, and some others were up after four in the morning, putting the final touches on, “Rockabyebaby.” I think the work shows, because that’s one of the mixtapes I can’t stop listening to. Drop down bottom and check it out as the teams mix and master the records.

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DOWNLOAD: Mister Cee’s “Black Fist Friday” With DJ Kid Capri On The @Hot97 Throwback At Noon

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 5.50.59 PM

Mister Cee concluded “Black Fist Fridays” with the world famous Kid Capri on the set doing his thing live on Hot 97. If you missed all the other mixes from legendary DJs Chuck Chillout, Clark Kent & DJ Scratch you might want to hit the download button ASAP. Download Kid Capri’s mix below.

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