Tech Talk Leak: Document Shows Tmobile Will Hike Data Rates In Coming Weeks!!!!

This is potentially a really Bad thing for Tmo, especially since they just cut 1900 jobs, and if they raise the Data rates, on their 5GB, & 10 GB Plans, for NEW customers, they may not get a whole lot of NEW Custies, which could cause More Job Cuts, it could become a nasty spiral of destruction….The Destruction of Big Magenta. Hit the Jump to see the Document. +TatWZA

(Map) Tech Talk News: See Where Tmobile Is Getting A Bump From Failed AT&T Deal!!!

This has been on my mind for a minute(since the deal died), AT&T has to hand over a Billion Dollars worth of Spectrum, and if you don’t know Spectrum is what carriers use to build their Networks, and this was especially curious since AT&T just launched it’s LTE network, but a concerned citizen put together a Map of the bump Tmobile will get, which you can see if it affects you after the Jump!

Tech Talk Gadget: If G-Shock Is The Watch, What About The G-Shock Phone???

G-Shock is the watch of choice in the Streets, but do the Streets know about the G-Shock Phone that Casio is trying to put out?? I don’t think so, well we have a photo of it, Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk Spotted: Sony Gets A Look In Trailer For NEW “Resident Evil” Movie!!!

I mean Sony must have Paid well to Have NEW Xperia Arc Devices(which were apparently at CES) showcased in the exciting NEW Resident Evil(in 3D) Movie Trailer, But See it for yourself, After the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Gadget: RIM’s $2000 Blackberry gets Broken Apart

Once again I feel bad for RIM, They are only focusing on One Blackberry while trying to sell, and the Porsche Design’d Blackberry that generated SOME interest get Broken down by the FCC, But is that a good thing, or a Bad thing, well let’s Hit the Jump to See. +TatWZA

(Voice) Tech Talk Beta: Swype Gets A Voice!!!

We told you the ‘Enhancement‘ was coming, but there is a Video showing how Clean it’s gonna be! Hit the Jump. +TatWZA

Tech Talk App: iOS User’s Get An Improved Google Voice!!!

This would be exciting to me IF I was an iOS user, But I’m an Android user, and we already got that improvement a couple of weeks ago, So I already Know how Great it is, But You iOS user’s should hit the Jump for your Details! +TatWZA

Tech Talk App: Face Swap On Windows Phone!!!!

“FaceSwap”, This may be the 1st App in the Windows Marketplace(not to be confused with the Android Marketplace, But how would we know), it’s FREE, and Def Cool, Hit the Jump to see for your self! +TatWZA

(Video) Tech Talk NEW: Will Facial Recognition Be The Future Of Mobile Security???

I only ask because with the Google Nexus and it’s Ice Cream interface Now touting Facial recognition as a Lock inn your phone, it only seems like a logical step to make that the standard, especially with Device thefts rising so fast in recent months(although it seems Droids are not the targets), All devices, no matter the Brand should go with it!! Hit the Jump to see where it is starting. +TatWZA

Tech Talk Web: Pay A @BoostMobile Bill On facebook!!!

Brand New You can now use facebook to pay for your Boost Mobile minutes, Hit the Jump! +TatWZA

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