(Photos) The Mothers Behind The Rappers

It’s no secret that everybody loves their mother, these rappers are no exception.

Wtf…Bronx Woman Cuts Baby From Mother’s Womb And Slits Her Throat

A crazed NYC woman from the Bronx, cut her childhood friend’s baby from her stomach after slitting the 22 year old mother’s throat. The victim died late Friday night and the suspect has been arrested. Read the full story after the jump.

Detective Drunk At Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers Conference

Officials recently reported that a Pinellas Detective Michael Szeliga was on duty when witnesses say he made respectful remarks at a Mother’s Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) conference several months ago.

(Photos) The Bodies Of 800 Children Were Found WHERE?!?!

#800DeadBabies is the hashtag leading the social media discussion regarding the discovery of remains of up to 800 children in Ireland. The discovery site once hosted a home for unwed mothers and their children in Tuam. The remains were found in an old septic tank. More after the jump.

What Makes Mothers Want To Shout And Spank??

Don’t let the “Shout and Spank” lead you on. This has nothing to do with Farrah Abraham. This about real world mothers. In a recent study, the cause of angry, or more upset, mothers is due to financial insecurity. The stress of the economy plays a part as well, which makes maternal parenting slightly more stressful. Hit the jump for more info.

Oh, Ok: Baby’s Birth Certificate Has 3 Names?!?!

This Rarely ever happens, in fact this might be a First! Hit the jump for the full story.

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