(Video) Women Left Topless After Being Arrested Then Attacked By Officer!

Ashleigh Davis, a woman who was arrested after being publicly intoxicated says police paraded her around topless from the beginning of her arrest until the very end of the ordeal! Wait that’s not all! She started screaming and an officer placed his hands over her mouth to make her stop screaming when she bit him! After she bit him he slammed her head into the concrete floor chipping three of her front teeth! Davis is suing and wants the officer to be reliable for his actions. Click below for video footage of the incident. Eloisa Melo

NFL (Report): Plaxico Burress Gets $1000 Speeding Ticket! Guess How Fast He Was Going On His Motorcycle?!

C’mon Plax!  You’re better than this!  This is just another thing that teams will use against you as to why they don’t want you as part of their team. SMH. On the football field, speed is an asset for wide receiver Plaxico Burress. But on the streets of Broward County it cost him a speeding ticket on Sept. 9 when he was issued a citation and accused of going more than 50 mph OVER the speed limit, court records show. GameTimeGirl

(Video) Motorcyclist Hits Pole And Bike Explodes!

A security camera recorded a motorcyclist hitting a utility pole and his motorcycle exploding. The man was not injured. See video below. Eloisa Melo

(Photo) Rita Ora Caught Riding Dirty With Her Finger In Her Mouth!

Check out the flawless Rita Ora riding dirty!! Biz Baby

(Video) Biker Posts Video Of Him Going 186 Mph Now A Fugitive!

Randy George Scott posts up a video of him doing 186 Mph down a highway in Canada.  He rode through several towns on a Yamaha R1 ,weaves through traffic and really escapes what could have been his death.After posting this insane video cops are now looking for him regarding this stunt. Steph Bassanini

(Video) Meek Mill Doing Wheelies In The Streets Of NY!

Meek Mill was turning it up on a bike in New York, doing a few stunts for the camera! Hit the jump to see Meek pop a few wheelies and riding through the streets. Steph Bassanini

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