Auto:(Video) Motorcycle Rider Hits The Ground Hard

Riding a motorcycle safely is never a sure bet. Even if you are the best rider ever, you still can’t control other people in their cars. This rider has nobody to blame but himself. He takes a turn too fast and then tries to hit the brakes too hard which is never a good idea on a motorcycle. The Kawasaki Ninja does not agree and throws him hard to the ground. Check the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) How Are You This Stupid?? 2 Accidents At The Same Damn Time, At The Same Damn Time

I am not going to say much about this clip you are about to see. Stupid people and vehicles do not mix. The first accident is not that bad, just a simple fender bender that happens everyday. The second accident, which I am not going to ruin for you guys, is what happens when people do not use their head, unless if you mean use their head to break their fall!! I hope everyone was ok, but you hopefully will be caught my surprise.

Auto:(Video) Quick Thinking Saves This Motorcycle Rider’s Life!

I do not know what it is, but just within the past few days I have posted about a few incidents where someone literally came within inches of their life. This one is no different. A man on a bike is at a stop light when a tractor trailer comes around the turn too fast and can’t handle it. What happens next can only occur if someone’s brain moves fast! Sad thing is there would definitely be some people who would freeze up and watch death land on top of them. Lucky for him he is not one of those people. Check the video after the jump.

Auto:(Video) Biker Gang Marriage Proposal

Many women have dreams of the day their boyfriend asks them to marry them. In fact most girls have a image in their mind of the way they want that day to go since they are young. They want it to be an unforgettable day that they will cherish forever and a little creativity never hurt. Best believe this woman will never forget how she was proposed to. How about a biker crew shutting down an entire highway so one of the members could propose to his girl. This was definitely dope the way it was setup and organized, ahd she was definitely shocked and caught off guard. She was told by her boyfriend to come with the crew for a casual ride and soon as they got on the highway things changed. Watch the 2 videos after the jump. One is a close up of the proposal, the other is the overhead view of the highway being shut down.

(Photos) Lady Gaga Has On-Stage Wardobe Malfunction

Lady Gaga may purposely look crazy, but she still suffers from spontaneous wardrobe malfunctions.  While she was performing in an all leather outfit and busting dance moves she split her pants! I’m sure she wasn’t too happy about ruining a costume, but probably not that mad that her whole bottom was exposed during that part of the performance. Hit the jump Steph B

(*Graphic Warning Content* Video) Caught On Tape: OH SH*T! Biker Hits Truck & Loses His Leg!

Ouch! Unfortunately, here’s a Brazilian bicyclist who will never get a chance to ride his bike again. See the graphic footage caught on tape after the jump.. Biz Baby

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