(Video) Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Is Going For $100 Million

Neverland Ranch is on the market, and if you have $100 million and time to deal with a complicated deal that still has ties to the late Michael Jackson, then Colony Capital wants it to be yours! According to TMZ, Colony Capital bailed MJ out when he was about to lose the ranch prior to his passing, excusing the massive debt he owed on the property and taking the title. Unfortunately, this put them in the red around $70 million. If and when the property sells, Michael’s estate would get some of the profit, which is a portion in excess of what Colony Capital invested. Check out a video of the property that they posted to YouTube below.

(Photos) Michael Jackson’s ‘Neverland’ Is Now On The Market

The late singer Michael Jackson’s home ‘Neverland’ is now on the market for 100 million dollars. The home famous for the carnival rides and zoo animals Jackson kept at the estate has gotten a new name and is looking for a new owner. Read more after the jump.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch Is Going To Be Sold For HOW MUCH?!?!

First, let’s remember that it’s been five years since the death of one of the world’s greatest entertainers, Michael Jackson. Now, in addition to selling albums, his estate looks to sell his former home; Neverland Ranch. But, just like his albums, millions are at stake. More info after the jump.

WHO’S Interested In Buying Michael Jackson’s Ranch?!

Click the jump to see which celebrity couple is interested in buy Michael Jackson’s 2,700 acre Neverland Ranch and why his family is opposed to it!

Lady Gaga Wants To Restore Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch!!

The Sun reports that Lady Gaga wants to spend her money to restore Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch.In the past Gaga has purchased other bits of celebrity memorabilia like Judy Garland’s Wizard of Oz ruby slippers, a frock worn by Dapnhe Guinness and 55 of Jackson’s personal items that she bought in an auction. Will this be her new investment?? Read more below! Russ B

Michael Jackson’s Estate Sued For $1 Billion Dollars?!

This isn’t good! MJ’s estate has been sued for $1 Billion dollars. Hit the jump to find out why! Melissa Nash

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