(Video) NFL: Russell Wilson Admits He & Ciara Haven’t Had Sex, Waiting For Marriage!

Russell Wilson is getting REALLY ahead of himself right now talking about marriage with Ciara since they haven’t been dating all that long, but that’s secondary news at the moment. Russ admitted last night that he and CiCi haven’t had sex yet, despite her being a fantasy for millions of men.

(Photos) Soccer: Say What? Countries Not Allowing Players To Have Sex At World Cup??

Can this really even be enforced? Some Countries that have teams playing in the World Cup in Brazil right now are enacting a NO SEX policy at the games. Does that even make sense? Well to some coaches and players it actually does. Some countries are much more aggressive about it than others but it goes to show you there is still that myth in sports that if a player has sex before a game it may take away from his performance on the field. There are a few teams though, including team USA, that are letting players do as they please. Hit the jump & check the gallery.

NFL: Did Rex Ryan Tell Players No Sex Before Game on Sunday?!

Hasn’t this been something athletes have followed for a long time?!  No sex before games/competitions?!  I’m not sure why this would be a big deal, but there were some reports that Rex Ryan told his players no messing around before the big game on Sunday against the Patriots.  Apparently the words he used got misinterpreted though.  He didn’t mean sex (yea right) and later had to clarify what he meant.  Get your heads out of the gutter people!  Lol. Check out what he said & let us know what you think he meant…

Update: More Of Lady Gaga’s Personal Assistant’s Testimony – “We Slept In The Same Bed”

Like I said before, I couldn’t imagine that it’s easy being Lady Gaga’s personal assistant, but NOW it’s getting a little bit freaky. Gaga who is being sued by ex-personal assistant, Jennifer O’Neill for unpaid overtime, initially was on the stand ranting about the PA. Gaga called her a “hood-rat” and said that she was NOT suppose to get paid for the overtime, because NONE of her employees did, which Jennifer knew. Now, the PA is saying that Gaga made her do “unusual” things like sleep in the same bed with her during the Poker Face singer’s, The Monster Ball Tour in 2010. O’Neill stated, “I had no privacy, no chance to talk to any family, no chance to talk to any friends, no chance to have sex if I wanted to have sex. There was no chance to do anything.” DAMN! No SEX ??? LOL! Everyone else on the tour had their own room. I would have been pissed too. 24/7 O’Neill had to be around Gaga and she’s just to the point where it wasn’t cool. Drop down bottom for more.

Sports: Soccer Team Imposes Sex Ban

According to a recent report from Football Italia, Napoli’s club doctor claims a sex ban keeps players out of harm’s way. Sabrina B.

NFL: No Sex For Ochocinco Unless He Scores A Touchdown on The Field

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Ochocinco hasn’t been doing so well on the football field this season and wifey Evelyn Lozada is gonna make him struggle in the bedroom if he keeps  it up.  Idk, sometime this tactic works and sometimes it doesn’t. Lol, Let’s see what happens. Check what Ocho tweeted yesterday about it….

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