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Hasn’t this been something athletes have followed for a long time?!  No sex before games/competitions?!  I’m not sure why this would be a big deal, but there were some reports that Rex Ryan told his players no messing around before the big game on Sunday against the Patriots.  Apparently the words he used got misinterpreted though.  He didn’t mean sex (yea right) and later had to clarify what he meant.  Get your heads out of the gutter people!  Lol.
Check out what he said & let us know what you think he meant…




Ryan, in a team meeting Wednesday, told the Jets they need to be well-rested when Tom Brady and Co. hit MetLife Stadium on Sunday, and, according to Josh Cribbs, added “Don’t do nothing for your wife.”

To defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson, that not only meant avoiding things like taking out the garbage, it also included any activities in the bedroom.

“Most definitely,” Richardson told the Daily News with an ear-to-ear grin, when asked if Rex’s message included hanky panky.

Richardson’s comments sparked Jet mayhem reminiscent of the good old days, forcing Ryan to come into the press room and tell the gathered media that sex is not part of his no-no list for the weekend.

It was good for a few laughs, but the message was clear: focus on the Patriots and nothing else.

“He was like … rest your legs, you go home, don’t do nothing for your wife,” Cribbs said. “Say baby, next week. You’ll take out the trash next week. I’ll take the kids to practice next week but I’ve got to rest for this game. I’m going to tell him to put it on paper so when I give it to my wife, I can be like, ‘Rex said that I don’t got to take out the trash.’ So he might get a call.”