NFL: Rex Ryan Reveals What He’s Going To Do With His Mark Sanchez Tattoo


A while ago we learned about Jets’ coach Rex Ryan’s crazy tattoo — his wife wearing only a Sanchez jersey in a Tebow pose (see above photo).  Forward to today — Rex’s boy is gone and Rexy’s got a permanent reminder.  So what is he to do about it?!  Reporters asked him today at the NFL annual meetings in Orlando.  Check out his response…

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NFL: Rex Ryan Says Richard Sherman Can’t Compare to Darrelle Revis in His Prime

IFWT_Revis (bucs) x Sherman

An ongoing debate is who’s the best cornerback in the NFL.  With the success and infamous rant by Richard Sherman, the debate grew and renewed a rivalry between he and Darrelle Revis.  Now a cornerback for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Revis was at his peak on the NY Jets right before he tore his ACL.  Once known as “Revis Island”, Jets coach Rex Ryan says Sherman can’t compare to Revis when he was at his best.

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NFL: Rex Ryan & Jets Have Agreed To Multi-Year Extension


I’d love to know how Jets fans feel about this???  Rex Ryan has agreed to an extension with Jets.  Jets fans weigh in!!!

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(Video) NFL: Jets Locker Room Explodes After Rex Ryan Told He Will Remain Head Coach


On a weekend where a few NFL coaches expected to get fired, the fate of Rex Ryan was still up in the air. After the Jets ended their season with a win over the Dolphins yesterday, owner Woody Johnson walked in the locker room and backed his coach up saying Ryan will be back. The players went crazy and instantly it seems like Woody made the right decision. Obviously the players love Rex, and with some tweeks to the roster they can definitely be competitive next season. Hit the jump for the video.

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NFL Report: Jets’ Coach Rex Ryan Tells His Players He’s Going to Be Fired


Rex Ryan is a good coach and he’s done what he can but things just haven’t worked out with the New York Jets and it may be time to part ways.  Ryan senses that his time might be up too and gave a little message to his players.

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NFL: Did Rex Ryan Tell Players No Sex Before Game on Sunday?!

IFWT_Rex Ryan  4

Hasn’t this been something athletes have followed for a long time?!  No sex before games/competitions?!  I’m not sure why this would be a big deal, but there were some reports that Rex Ryan told his players no messing around before the big game on Sunday against the Patriots.  Apparently the words he used got misinterpreted though.  He didn’t mean sex (yea right) and later had to clarify what he meant.  Get your heads out of the gutter people!  Lol.
Check out what he said & let us know what you think he meant…

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NFL: Breaking..Jets Place Mark Sanchez On IR, Could Be Finished In New York


The Jets just a short time ago announced Mark Sanchez will be placed on the Injured Reserve list. What that means for those who don’t know is Sanchez will not be allowed to come back until at least week 11. Short term that pretty much means the quarterback job belongs to rookie Geno Smith without having to look over his shoulder. Long term however, it could be huge for everyone involved. Hit the jump.

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NFL: The Drama Continues…Mark Sanchez Says He Is Better Than Geno Smith


The Jets are fresh off a hard fought lose to the New England Patriots last night. But it seems the organization can not get away from looking like a dysfunctional family or circus. The Jets have become a joke around the league, mainly because of the whole Tebow issue last year, and the coaching staff. Things are not getting any better with the current uncomfortable quarterback situation within the team. Even though Mark Sanchez is hurt, he feels he won the QB job. Hit the jump to see more.

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NFL: NY Jets Moving On From the Mark Sanchez Era & Beginning the Geno Smith Era


Rex Ryan’s shotgun wedding with new boss John Idzik may end in divorce in a few months, but the Jets’ Odd Couple agrees that it’s time to kick off the Geno Smith era.  Read more after the jump.

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(Check The Pics!) NFL: Jets Reach Deal with QB Graham Harrell & Stripper Begs Rex To Start Geno Smith

IFWT_Jets logo

The QB situation for the Jets just got more interesting. Mark Sanchez vs. Geno Smith and now let’s add former Packers QB Graham Harrell into the mix. Thank goodness I’m a Giants fan. Lol. Not only is the Jets QB circus going on, but why not throw in a stripper just to spice things up?!  SMH. Yea.  She sent a letter to Rex Ryan pleading for Geno Smith to start.  Why is this news?!  It’s not, but the fellas always enjoy some nice pics.  *You’re welcome – Kobe voice*
Reports after the jump…

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