(Photos) NFL: Idiot, Racist Fans Tweet Wrong Brandon Marshall After Broncos/Panthers Game

As you know by now, Broncos linebacker, Brandon Marshall, took a knee last night during the singing of the national anthem prior to the game against the Panthers. He took the knee to support Colin Kaepernick and his stance over current issues in our country. As you might expect, there were plenty of fans who hated him for doing so and attempted to send him racist, ignorant messages on twitter but there was just one problem. A huge chunk of the fans were sending the tweets to the Brandon Marshall of the New York Jets, who I’m sure was very surprised when he opened up his twitter last night.

NFL: Jets Brandon Marshall Cleared By Jury After Woman Claimed He Punched Her

Christin Myles claimed that Brandon Marshall punched her in the face outside of a NYC nightclub a few years ago but a jury didn’t agree with her. Marshall was never criminally charged in the incident which occurred at Marquee nightclub in 2012 but Myles wanted compensation for Marshall allegedly punching her during a brawl. After today, she won’t be seeing a dime as the jury decided against her.

NFL: The New York Jets Decided They Needed To Bring 350 Rolls Of Toilet Paper With Them To London

The Jets are in London, England this week to play against the Miami Dolphins at the famed Wembley Stadium. Ironically the Jets seemed more concerned with personal items they needed to bring instead of their opponent. If my team was playing the Dolphins this week, I wouldn’t concern myself with them either.

NFL: Jets Nick Mangold Helps Stop Car Burglary Ring, Results In Five People Being Arrested

Nick Mangold is fighting defenders on the field and fighting crime off of it. That’s what police reports say as Mangold played a key role in stopping a car burglary ring that was ripping off people in his neighborhood for a while.

(Video) NFL: Lions Rookie Ameer Abdullah Is Already Breaking Defenders Ankles In His First Game

When Lions rookie running back Ameer Abdullah was in college last year at Nebraska, he was known as one of the best in the country. Now that he is at the pro level, he is doing all he can to keep his name recognized. Last night in his first preseason game he showed some of his ability as he made a Jets defender look super silly, making him spin in circles as he blew past. It feels good to see football back but the Jets looked like they wished they were home.

NFL: Anonymous Jets Players Want Sheldon Richardson Gone, Saying They Never Liked Him Anyway

I hate when the word anonymous gets used because that allows people to talk really brave. Someone will have much more courage to talk tough or call someone out if they know it can’t get back to them. Apparently there are multiple Jets players saying they do not want Sheldon Richardson anywhere near the team from now on after his arrest for reckless driving. It doesn’t seem so much the driving itself is what bothered them, but more so the lies and constant issues surrounding him. Oh and not too mention having a 12 year old in the car when he was being reckless.

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