A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky is lucky…and smart. The rapper was facing charges for slapping a fan in the face at the Made in America festival last month, but he was able to dodge them because no one could find him to serve him with papers. (Personally I don’t think he should have been charged anyway, since it was obviously an accident, but that’s just my opinion.)

Since Philly PD didn’t see it happen and it’s a misdemeanor offense, the “victim” Lisa Wade had to file a private criminal complaint with the D.A., which requires her to give contact info. Lisa gave the address to Rocky’s label, and they sent the paperwork via certified mail, but as with any label really…he wasn’t there to sign for them. Now she has to provide a new address if she wants to be able to serve the assault and harassment charges, but it’s not looking likely. She needs to give it up!

Marisa Mendez

Source: TMZ