P. Reign Allowed Re-Entry Into America After 12 Years

Drake affiliate P. Reign has been making a name for himself in hip-hop as of late. Unfortunately, the rapper hasn’t been able to truly capitalize it, as a weapons charge back home in Toronto has prevented him from crossing into the United States for quite some time. Finally, 12 years since he’s last touched U.S. soil, P. Reign made his way to Los Angeles yesterday and immediately hit the studio to get to work. “I haven’t been here in 12 years. It’s been the one road block in totally pursuing my dreams and it’s exciting and humbling to finally be here,” P. Reign said in an emailed statement to Rap Radar. “I’m happy that my fans are able to take this journey with me and that I finally have no more excuses and a real shot at going for what I’ve always dreamed about.”

Victim Who Got Punched By Lil Wayne’s Security Was Ready For That Lawsuit Immediately

Last week, we reported that a fan who’d held up a sign that read “Fuck Weezy” at Lil Wayne’s club appearance in Fort Lauderdale was later sought out by Wayne’s security team and received not one but two complimentary punches to the head. Well, as one would expect, the troll was lawsuit ready, and immediately upon being removed from the club, he placed a 911 call, and was adamant to the dispatcher that he was doing so as to “memorialize what happened immediately, for solid legal reasons.” AKA – have his ducks in a row when he went to sue. Listen to the call below. I’m pretty sure the guy will have a case, right?

Bobby Shmurda Transferred To Protective Custody + Checks In With Ebro In The Morning

After being held in Rikers following his December arrest, rapper Bobby Shmurda has been moved to protective custody at the Manhattan Detention Complex in lower Manhattan while awaiting trial. Obviously this is in Bobby’s best interest, as often times, fame makes you a target by fellow inmates. As for an update on his case, separate gun charges from Bobby’s arrest back in June, as well as a separate weed case in December, were combined into the Office of the Special Prosecutor’s case against him earlier this week. Things aren’t looking good. Meanwhile he called into Ebro In The Morning this morning, and explained the protective custody move, a recent fight his man Rowdy Rebel got into and more. Listen up below!

Breaking: Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked Over Club Shootings

Chris Brown was supposed to be let off of probation today, but instead, it looks like there could possibly be jail time in his future! Since November, Breezy has been treating his court-mandated community service “like a full-time” job, doing physical labor 6 hours a day, 5 days a week to complete his 1,000 hours by today’s court hearing. Though he was on track to finish (no word whether he did,) it’s other issues that have the judge and his probation officer ready to throw the book at him. First is the fact that Chris has been present for TWO club shootings, one over the summer at a pre-VMA party, the other just this past weekend a club in San Jose (which he didn’t get permission from the judge to go – another strike.) The judge notes that there’s no evidence that Chris was criminally involved in any of the shootings, but the probation officer has it out for him.

Lil Twist Responds To Assault Allegations

Lil Twist is currently involved in some trouble with the LAPD, after he reportedly beat up and humiliated a former Zoey 101 star Kyle Massey‘s older brother Chris. A felony warrant for home invasion and robbery has reportedly been issued for Twist‘s arrest, according to the Massey brothers’ attorney. However, the D.A. says no charges have been filed “yet” so it’s not quite clear where it stands as of now. Allowing the allegations to float around for a few days, the YMCMB rapper finally released a statement regarding the matter, of course denying any wrong-doing. “Was once taught , can’t believe everything read,” he tweeted. He’s a man of many words.

UPDATE: Mug Shot Photo Included! Damn, Nicki Minaj’s Credit Score Went Down Because Of What?!

These are the kind of horror stories that make you happy you’re not a celebrity! Last month, a website apparently leaked a 2003 police booking photo from when Nicki was arrested for shoplifting in NYC. (Who knew?!) Unfortunately they left her social security number on the document, and it has since caused TONS of inquiries into her financial records, thus causing her credit score to go down by at least 100 points. Her camp was eventually notified by the credit companies after noticing the abnormal behavior. “Since Nicki’s social security number was made public on the booking information sheet, and that was leaked to the media this week, it’s out there now,” a source said. “Nicki might have to get a new social security number. It’s caused her a lot of stress.” I would definitely get a new number if I was her!

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