Drake affiliate P. Reign has been making a name for himself in hip-hop as of late. Unfortunately, the rapper hasn’t been able to truly capitalize it, as a weapons charge back home in Toronto has prevented him from crossing into the United States for quite some time.

Finally, 12 years since he’s last touched U.S. soil, P. Reign made his way to Los Angeles yesterday and immediately hit the studio to get to work.

“I haven’t been here in 12 years. It’s been the one road block in totally pursuing my dreams and it’s exciting and humbling to finally be here,” P. Reign said in an emailed statement to Rap Radar. “I’m happy that my fans are able to take this journey with me and that I finally have no more excuses and a real shot at going for what I’ve always dreamed about.”

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He continued:

I used to wake up in cold sweats, literally nightmares that I was in America and wake up pissed that it wasn’t real. It’s all still so surreal but I’m just ready to represent where I’m from and pursue my passion and make my n*ggas proud.

I’m in the studio right now with Drake and The Game just soaking it all in. Just happy to be here. I hope America appreciates me as much as I appreciate them.

Drake also celebrated, posting the above photo on Instagram with the caption:

April 7th was legendary. My brother @preignking is in AMERICA for the first time in 12 years!!!!! We all dreamt of this moment @chubbsview @mattebabel @repsupstyles !!!! R World. G Way. Reps Up

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