IFWT Exclusive: Maino Gives Us The REAL Story Of What Happened With The Porn Star!

Maino is currently being sought out by the NYPD for questioning, after an adult film star accused him of assaulting her inside of his truck after they partied at Griffin on Monday night with Drake, Ashanti, JR Smith and more. According to the police report filed by the porn star, Mellanie Monroe, “he started punching her and fled,” but I spoke directly to Maino and her story has quite a few holes in it. Maino explains he met Mellanie about a year and a half ago on Twitter, and they exchanged phone numbers at the time. Though they’ve briefly text messaged since then, they hadn’t actually met until the party on Monday night. Prior to meeting and even that night, what was supposed to transpire between them was always quite clear – nothing more, nothing less. While in the club, both Maino and Mellanie were on the same page, made evident from what she was saying in text messages to him, and after the party, the “after-party” was supposed to be good to go. It wasn’t the same story once they got into their awaiting SUV, however.

Oh Man! Gucci Mane Gets 3 Years Added To His Sentence!

Just last week, the currently-incarcerated Gucci Mane received a break in his sentence by being credited a year’s worth of time-served, but this week, his legal news isn’t as good. Another one of the troubled rapper’s cases has been seen in court, and he’s now received an additional 3 years for a March 2013 incident where he assaulted a fan that asked for a photo. It certainly didn’t help that said fan was an Army staff sergeant! His newest sentence will run concurrently with the 39-month-turned-28 month sentence, though it’s unclear whether he’ll be getting credit for the time he already served. If not, his scheduled release looks to be some time in 2017, and he may not be allowed to extensively tour once released. Feels like his career is pretty much down the drain, but I’ll just sip my Kermit tea!

Charges Against Justin Bieber Dropped In Toronto Driver Assault Case

Justin Bieber has one less thing to stress over. He already caught a huge break in that Miami DUI case, and now his assault charge from a former driver in Toronto back in December has been totally dropped. The case was scheduled to be heard in court Monday, but today the prosecutors announced the charges had been withdrawn because it was unclear who actually made contact with the driver, as they were 5 others besides Justin in the vehicle as well. 2 charges down, one more to go.

DMX’s Ex-Wife Moves To Garnish His Wages For Child Support

X gon’ give it to ya…ex wives, that is. DMX’s ex-wife Tashera Simmons just got court approval to start garnishing his wages to satisfy his monthly child support, and will be pulling a whopping $15,000 per month out of his checks from Universal Music Publishing. (Damn, who knew he was making that much in residuals? I need to become a songwriter, LOL!) In the documents, it states that $10,000 is going toward child support for the former couple’s four kids, with another $5,000 going toward “other.” What exactly is other, though?

D.A. To File Vandalism Charges Against Bieber TODAY In Egging Case!

Though he’s in the clear for his DUI case in Miami earlier this year, Justin Bieber isn’t totally out of trouble with the law. TMZ reports that the pop star will be charged today in connection with the now-infamous egging case, though it’s unclear at the moment whether the vandalism will be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony. We do know, however, that the prosecutor is gunning for a felony charge, so there’s definitely a high chance that’s what it will be. Time will soon tell for the Biebs!

Lil Za’s Vandalism Charge For Jail Phone Reduced From Felony To Misdemeanor

When Justin Bieber’s house was raided in January to find evidence of an egging next door, the Biebs’ BFF Lil Za was arrested and charged with 2 counts of felony possession of a controlled substance. While behind bars, Za was arrested AGAIN after he “flipped out” and smashed a cell phone, and was then hit with a felony vandalism charge. Za appeared in court today to face the latter charge, and lucky for him, it was reduced to a misdemeanor, as the threshold for felony vandalism is $400 or more, which the jail phone’s value does not equate to. As far as the drug charges, TMZ reports that Za will probably get drug diversion, and it looks like the case will be plea bargained next month.

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