Could “The Interview” Be The Start To The North Korean Revolution??


Seth Rogen and James Franco did an excellent job displaying the other side of North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un in the movie ‘The Interview.” Although it may had been an exaggerated attempt to show that he’s just a human, people of North Korea do not know anything outside of his governmental persona. It’s said to believe that if ‘The Interview’ is smuggled into North Korea, it might be the igniter to fire North Koreans to revolt. Find out who is giving this knowledge out after the jump.

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(Audio) Singer From ‘The Voice’ Records ‘Love Letter ‘ To Kim Jong un Dissing James Franco


Singer From ‘The Voice’ Records ‘Love Letter ‘ To Kim Jong un
Judith Hill is a Recording signed to Sony’s music label and was a once contestant on singing contest TV show “The Voice” and Judith Hill recorded a new track paying homage to North Korean Dictator Kim Jong un while roasting the hell out of ‘Interview’ film Star James Franco … and now it’s leaked online FOR ALL TO HEAR ! click READ MORE to check it out !

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(VIDEO)Korean Pop Star Suing Sony For Using Her Song In The Interview


Korean Pop Star Suing Sony For Using Her Song in The Interview
DAMN ! Right when you thought that this whole situation was all said in done The super controversial film known as ‘The Interview’ has found another way to piss someone from North Korea off. A Korean Pop star by the name of Yoon Mi Rae has put a law suit against Sony entertainment for using her song in the Most talked about and culturally offensive film without her permission.

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(Video) Franco And Rogen Doing An Interview Live Tweet

Franco And Rogen Doing An ‘Interview’ Live Tweet
Just When You Thought it Was Over, Stars of the Controversial Film that’s been all over the news this passed week titled ‘The Interview ‘, James Franco and Seth Rogen Pull You right Back In for an “Interview” Live Tweet, Read More To Find Out When so you don’t Miss IT !!

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(VIDEO) North Korea Says Attacks on U.S Will Dwarf Sony Hack

North Korea Says Attacks on U.S Will Dwarf Sony Hack ?
The North Korean Team is completely denying having any thing to do with the whole Sony hack that’s been in the news lately, but According to a CNN Report North Korea is laying a threat on the U.S. with something a lot worse…….WAYYY WORSE !!

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(Video) Obama Statement on North Korea’s Sony Hack: I’m Still HNIC

Obama on Cyber Attack

BREAKING: Early morning Obama Statement on North Korea’s Sony Hack in that he understands the executive decisions Sony had to make regarding the cyber attack–which sent the online and news world reeling as well as shut down premieres around the country for “The Interview” movie this week. While acknowledging Sony had to handle their business he was quick to remind that as President he’s the TOP exec and in charge for a reason. In other words…*Flex voice* –FALL BACK!!!

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Sony Hack Reveals James Bond Budget

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

Recent Sony hacs have brought emails to light that have reveal the budget crisis for the new James Bond Film.

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Dennis Rodman Retired NBA Player And …. U.S. Ambassador?

IFWT_ Dennis Rodman Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman says his personal letter to Kim Jong Un played a crucial role in bringing imprisoned American Kenneth Bae back home from North Korea Check out why inside.

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(Video) LMAO: Seth Rogen & James Franco Release Hilarious Trailer For ‘The Interview’

James Franco And Seth Rogen

The dynamic comedy duo is back with a hilarious teaser to their upcoming film ‘The interview’. Seth Rogen and James Franco have teamed up to debut a comedy about a journalist who gets to interview the leader of North Korea with his producer. Things get crazy when the U.S government finds out about their trip and asks the two to assassinate the leader. Check out the hilarious trailer, here!

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(Video) Uh Oh! Seth Rogen… Beefing With Kim Jung-Un??


It’s all fun and games until North Korea threatens war! That’s the case with Seth Rogen. His latest film titled “The Interview,” Rogen, along with James Franco, plays a talk show producer. Franco; host. Upon gaining an interview with the North Korean dictator, the CIA looks for the duo to kill him. Of course this didn’t sit well with almost anyone in North Korea. Check their responses after the jump!

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