North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong Un Has An Aunt That Lives In New York?


Would you believe me if I told you that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, who has threatened to wipe away the United States with bombs time and time again has an aunt.. that lives in the United States!? Well you better believe it. The woman who remains anonymous has been reportedly living in New York since 1998. It is in that year that she defected from North Korea and headed into the custody of the CIA and eventually to the U.S. mainland. More on this story after the jump.

(Video) North Korea Sentences American to 10 Years Hard Labor

IFWT_U.S Citizen Korean Jail

North Korea is no stranger to headlines within the past month between the attempted missile firing for their birthday and the submarine missile launch, they back in it again. This time sentencing and American to 10 years of hard labor.

North Korea Will Stop Nuclear Testing Under These Conditions


The foreign minister of North Korea has said in an interview that the only way the country will end its nuclear testings is if the U.S ends all military exercises with South Korea. This comes directly after North Korea launched test missiles from a submarine.

North Korea Fires Missile From Submarine


It seems like every so often North Korea is up to something that keeps us looking over our shoulder. On Saturday, it is believed that they launched a missile.

(Photo) Another One: North Korea Using Ballistic Missile In Birthday Celebration??


Yes, North Korea is back at it again with their shenanigans. This time, a little more serious.

(Video) North Korea Gives U.S Student 15 Years Of Hard Labor As He Begs For Mercy


This U.S student made the biggest mistake of his life when he decided to take down a propaganda banner in North Korea while visiting. Little did he know he would get 15 years of hard labor for his “crime”. Obama? Hello…?

North Korea Executes Ri Yong-Gil


North Korea has executed army chief Ri Yong-Gil. It has been reported that he has been killed due to corruption and “factional conspiracy.”

North Korea Tests Out New Ballistic Missile

kim jong un feeds uncle to hungry dogs

North Korea has completed an effective underwarter test of a ballistic rocket, the North Korean state news office reported. Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un directed the test himself, KCNA wrote about Saturday (Friday evening, ET). Find out more about this test after the jump.

NYU Student Under Arrest In North Korea


A South Korean student studying at New York University was arrested last week for traveling into North Korea illegally. Joo Won-Moon is 21 years old student from South Korea who has permanent residency in the United States. He is currently living in Tenafly, NJ.

Could “The Interview” Be The Start To The North Korean Revolution??


Seth Rogen and James Franco did an excellent job displaying the other side of North Korea’s Leader Kim Jong-Un in the movie ‘The Interview.” Although it may had been an exaggerated attempt to show that he’s just a human, people of North Korea do not know anything outside of his governmental persona. It’s said to believe that if ‘The Interview’ is smuggled into North Korea, it might be the igniter to fire North Koreans to revolt. Find out who is giving this knowledge out after the jump.

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