Sony Hack Reveals James Bond Budget

A burglar opening a safe that is a computer screen

Recent Sony hacs have brought emails to light that have reveal the budget crisis for the new James Bond Film.

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Dennis Rodman Retired NBA Player And …. U.S. Ambassador?

IFWT_ Dennis Rodman Kim Jong Un

Dennis Rodman says his personal letter to Kim Jong Un played a crucial role in bringing imprisoned American Kenneth Bae back home from North Korea Check out why inside.

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(Video) LMAO: Seth Rogen & James Franco Release Hilarious Trailer For ‘The Interview’

James Franco And Seth Rogen

The dynamic comedy duo is back with a hilarious teaser to their upcoming film ‘The interview’. Seth Rogen and James Franco have teamed up to debut a comedy about a journalist who gets to interview the leader of North Korea with his producer. Things get crazy when the U.S government finds out about their trip and asks the two to assassinate the leader. Check out the hilarious trailer, here!

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(Video) Uh Oh! Seth Rogen… Beefing With Kim Jung-Un??


It’s all fun and games until North Korea threatens war! That’s the case with Seth Rogen. His latest film titled “The Interview,” Rogen, along with James Franco, plays a talk show producer. Franco; host. Upon gaining an interview with the North Korean dictator, the CIA looks for the duo to kill him. Of course this didn’t sit well with almost anyone in North Korea. Check their responses after the jump!

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Uh-Oh North Korea Remains Defiant And Test Fire Missiles Again!!


North Korea responds to the US-South Korea military drills by testing their own defense missiles. They fired a whopping 30 short-range rockets into the sea off the eastern coast of the Korean peninsula. The U.S. and South Korea have been conducting a joint annual military drill since February, and North Korea has said its missile tests are a justifiable defensive reaction to them.

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NBA: Yuck! Dennis Rodman Is Disgusting For What He Did In His Hotel In North Korea!

IFWT_Rodman N Korea 1

Well we already knew that Dennis Rodman had some “issues” while in North Korea, but now reports are coming out about his behavior in the hotel he stayed at.  I know things can get out of control when you’re drinking, but really?!  SMH.  Just embarrassing.  Hopefully he’s getting the help he needs in rehab.
Details after the jump…

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(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday To Kim Jong Un

IFWT_Rodman bday 11

As most have heard by now, Dennis Rodman is in North Korea where he is celebrating dictator Kim Jong Un’s birthday.  Rodman led a team of retired American NBA players in a game to celebrate the birthday.  A video has surfaced of Rodman singing Happy Birthday.
Check it out…

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NBA: Ex-Knick Regrets Trip With Dennis Rodman

IFWT_Rodman smith 1

Yesterday morning Dennis Rodman lost in an CNN interview.  Now an ex-Knick who made that trip with Rodman to North Korea is feeling a certain type of way. Check out what he had to say…

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(Video) NBA: Dennis Rodman Goes on Crazy, Heated Rant on CNN

IFWT_Rodman Korea  5

Dennis Rodman is in North Korea to play an exhibition basketball game for Kim Jong Un’s birthday.  Well this morning he went on CNN for an interview with Chris Cuomo and things got a little crazy.  Check it out…

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NBA: Dennis Rodman Gets Six Ex-NBAers For North Korea Exhibition Game

APTOPIX North Korea Rodman

Dennis Rodman has a weird but close relationship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and has tried what he calls “basketball diplomacy” between the two nations.  Included in those efforts is an exhibition basketball game for Kim’s birthday and now we know who Rodman’s players will be.

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