(Video) Ohio Woman Arrested After Raping 4-Year-Old Boy And Posting It On Periscope

India Kirksey of West Price Hill has now been charged with rape after raping a 4-year-old boy and posting it on Periscope. What in the world goes through these people’s heads when they do things like this? I have no idea.

UPDATE: (Photo + Video) Several People Injured At Ohio State University After Reports Of A Shooter

A suspect is now dead after a shooting at Ohio State University. Several people have been taken to the hospital with injuries. News channels are reporting that the shooting took place at Watts Hall. This is the school’s material science and engineering building.

(Video) Ohio Police Chief Vents About Recent Police Shooting

Middletown Police Chief Rodney Muterspaw has now taken to social media to speak on the recent police shootings. Muterspaw says he is very frustrated by the shootings.

Marijuana Grow Operations Found At Ohio Slaying Site

The latest updates in the brutal shooting that killed 8 family members in Ohio have been released. Investigators have found three marijuana grow operations near the Ohio slaying sites. Officials have not confirmed if the killings are drug related however there are intense speculations.

Shooter Kills 7, Still Loose in Ohio.

More violence in this world, this time in the state of Ohio.

(Video) Ohio Policeman Guns Down Knife-Wielding Man Caught On Camera

First off before you throw a fit, this man was a murder suspect in a Baltimore investigation and pulled a knife on the cop before the police officer shot him…the man continued to lunge at the cop with the knife while screaming “kill me! kill me!”. Jeez…see the footage caught on the officer’s body camera after the jump.

Ohio Says NO To The Legalization Of Recreational Marijuana

Ohio voters are clearly against Issue 3, a law that would have allowed 21-year-olds and up to use, purchase or grow certain amounts of marijuana for recreational as well as medical uses, according to the Associated Press. A group called ResponsibleOhio petitioned the necessary amount of signatures so that Issue 3 would show up on the November elections ballot. However, the vote has fallen through. Hit the jump for more.

Must Have Been K2: Ohio Man Surrounded By Doritos & Cookies Calls The Police After Getting “Too High”

Is there a such thing as being too high? For this Ohio man, hell yeah. A 22-year-old got high to the point he felt the need to call police for protection. Find out the details down bottom.

(Video) Little Girl With A Rainbow Flag Stood Up To A Homophobic Street Preacher

Little Girl With A Rainbow Flag Stood Up To A Homophobic Street Preacher So this super righteous 7 year old with a rainbow flag stood up for what was right and refused to back down when a homophobic street preacher got in her face at a celebration for same sex marriage last weekend. Hop into the post to check it out #IFWT! Little Girl With A Rainbow Flag Stood Up To A Homophobic Street Preacher!

(Video) An Ohio Judge Finds Probable Cause To Charge Officer That Killed Tamir Rice With Murder

A slow but steady race to regain trust in the legal system is underway in Ohio after a judge ruled that there is probable cause to charge officer Timothy Loehmann with the murder of 12 year old Tamir Rice. There is currently a grand jury investigation that is taking place surrounding the murder and as of now, no charges have been filed.

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