(Video) Jogger Stopped By News Reporter Wishes She Would’ve Done Otherwise!


These two California residents are experiencing the effects of a harsh, cold Oregon snow storm! When they were stopped by a news crew to speak on why they were out enjoying this freezing weather, they spoke on how great running weather it was. Im sure now they’ve changed their mind; hit the jump for the hilarious clip!

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(Video) Oregon Resident Tapes Possible UFO Sighting?!


An Oregon resident caught what may just be the first sightings of a UFO craft in 2014! Although it may be debatable, the night vision footage details more of the “outer space” encounter. Hit the jump for more.

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Bartender Gets HUGE Tip After Customer Gives Her Lottery Ticket Worth How Much???


An Oregon bartender got a huge surprise when one of the lottery tickets that she usually is given as a tip by one of her regulars, was worth more than what she’s used to getting, hit the jump to find out how much!

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Caught On Tape: Man Shoots At Police Officer On Side Of Highway


Apparently Thursday the Oregon state police released this footage in an effort to find the suspect as this happened in August.

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Search Set For Snowboarder Trapped Where?!?


A search is set for a man who is buried in an Oregon Ice Tunnel, Hit the jump for details!

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25,000 Thousand Dead Bees Found Where???


Portland-area bee experts with the Xerces. Society for Invertebrate Conservation estimate at least 25,000 bumble bees have died in a parking lot of an Oregon shopping center. The bees were clustered under dozens of linden trees. Hit the Jump.

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(Video) Oregon Student Found With Bombs, Planning To Blow Up School?!?

IFWT_Grant Acord

A student from Oregon was found with six bombs at his house, with intentions to blow up his school. He was looking to imitate Columbine, and made all bombs himself. The Oregon police were tipped off that Grant Accord had made a bomb that day, and luckily he was caught in time. Grant is now facing several felonies for his intentions. Check out a video after the jump.

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B.o.B & Santigold “Make Boring Brilliant” with vitaminwater! [PROMO]


vitaminwater, alongside College Humor, is on a mission to entertain the most boring place in the USA, literally. Boring, Oregon has seen their town get a lot more action than usual this past month thanks to VitaminWater, and this upcoming concert is a great way to un-bore Boring’s residents. The Brilliance Uncapped exclusive concert series featuring B.o.B, Santigold, Matt & Kim, and Uncle Skeeter will air on Fuse TV, April 3rd, 9pm EST. Check out a sneak peak video of how Boring was transformed below!

Caasi Cofer

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NFL: Eagles Hire Chip Kelly As New Head Coach


Twitter has already started going crazy over this news! What do you think?! Oregon coach Chip Kelly will be the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, league sources told ESPN.
Full report after the jump…


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Nine Killed, More Than 20 Injured In Charter Bus Crash In Oregon


A Charter bus headed for Vancouver, Canada crashed with some 40 passengers killing 9 and wounding countless more after the bus driver lost control on a patch of snow/ice. After the bus lost control it skidded down an embankment before sliding to a stop. The bus went through a guard rail and dropped about 200 feet down the side of a hill, officials are still trying to confirm the number of injuries after an incident like this it becomes increasingly difficult with people being rushed to hospitals for immediate attention.
Hit the jump for more.

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