(Video) Footage Has Been Released From Inside The Bathroom At Pulse Nightclub During Shooting

More survivor stories have been coming to light in the days following what was the deadliest mass shooting in the history of our country. 29-year-old Miguel Leiva made it out of Pulse Nightclub in Orlando that fateful night, though he remains in the hospital after being shot twice. In a new interview, Leiva recants his experience at the club, trapped inside the bathroom with many others who did not make it out to tell their story. He also provides footage that he filmed while there, explaining that he and others were sending the clips to their families to let them know they were alive and trying to remain quiet so as to not call Omar Mateen’s attention. Check out the chilling video below.

(Video) Orlando Police Chief Suggests That Police May Have Killed Some Of The Victims In The Orlando Shooting

Orlando Police Chief John Mina releases a statement saying he believes police may have killed some of the victims at Pulse night club.

(Video) UPDATE: So Sad: Child Dragged Into Lake By Alligator At Disney Resort Presumed Dead

The 2-year-old taken by an Alligator at a Disney resort is presumed dead. Authorities are saying there is no way possible this child is still alive. Eye witnesses say they seen the baby playing in water when the alligator came up and attacked. The child’s father tried to fight the Alligator off but did not succeed. Officials are now searching for the child’d body

(Video) Neighboring Disney Resort Warned People Of Alligators

Last night we reported that a 2-year-old was allegedly taken by an Alligator in Orlando. Neighboring resorts made sure to warn their guest of Alligators. A resort just a few miles away from the resort called, Seven Seas Lagoon, had a ‘BEWARE OF ALLIGATORS’ sign.

(Video) Orlando Shooting Survivor Admits Holding The Club’s Door Shut, Keeping People Inside

Orlando shooting survivor, Luis Burbano, shares his story of what happened in Pulse nightclub on June 12, revealing he helped a man with a huge bullet sticking out of his leg as well as keeping the club doors shut(Previously believed to be another attacker), keeping the killer and people inside.

(Photo + Video) Alligator Reportedly Drags 2-Year-Old Into A Lake At Disney’s Resort In Orlando

Authorities are now searching for a child who allegedly got dragged into a lake by an Alligator in Orlando. The 2-year-old allegedly was dragged into Seven Seas Lagoon around 9:30pm. Question is where were the parents?

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