50!!! Young Buck Might Be Headed Back To The Pen?? Again?!

G-Unit soldier Young Buck might have to serve more time in prison after he allegedly threatened one of his baby mama’s fiance, after the man called Buck a “sorry excuse for a father”. It’s getting real!! Hit the jump!

Whoopi Goldberg: Marijuana Has Replaced Taking Advil Every Day

OK! Check this out, award-winning entertainer, Whoopi Goldberg is providing an alternate “View” to residents of Denver and the world. The daytime host has just inked a deal to write a marijuana-focused column in The Cannabist. HIT the jump to see HIGHlights from her debut.

Lauryn Hill Announces First Concert Dates After Being Released From The Pen!

Woot Woot! One of the most inspirational and influential artists EVER, is ready to hit the big stage again! With 3-months in prison, for tax evasion behind her, Lauryn Hill announces her concerts to take place between November 15th through December 31st. U.S. Magistrate Court Judge Madeline Cox Arleo signed off on Hill’s delay of house arrest, for her to give this mini tour, and boy are we glad she did. Hit the jump to check out when and where the shows will be given.

WTF .. NEVER Misspell A Word Again With THIS Pen !!!

It seems that as technology gadgets become more relevant in our lives spelling because less relevant because we have spell check, auto correct, word predictions, etc to correct our mistakes along the way. But what happens when its just you a pen and paper? Not to worry a pair of German inventors have developed “Lernstift” a pen that will improve your spelling as well as handwriting. Hit the jump to find out more ..

(Photos) UK Artist Wows Art Viewers & Only Uses What?!?

This up and coming artist is surprises a lot of people, not only for his art work but by what he uses. Hit the jump for more!

(Video + Photos) 2013 Grammy Stage Crasher Is The Same Guy That Will Smith Smacked Up !?!?

Ok, so do you remember last year when a reporter tried to kiss Will Smith on the lips and Will back handed him ??? If not go HERE, but this guy is up to his old ways again. During the 2013 Grammy Awards, while sexy J. Lo and “that lil Chico Pitbull” were announcing Adele as the winner for ‘Best Pop Solo Performance’, Vitalii Sediuk got on stage and took the mic from the Latina. Vitalii acted as if it was him who had won an award, “Oh thank you,” he says. LOL! Unluckily for him as soon as the show was over, he got arrested for trespassing and spent a night in the pen. This dude is a crazy mess. Funny, but crazy! I think J. Lo handled herself well by snatching the mic back. Good job. Drop down bottom and listen to what he was thinking at the time.

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