(Video) NFL: Snoop Makes Cam Dab For Him, Asks Peyton For Papa Johns Discount During Super Bowl Interview

Cam Newton appeared to just be sick and tired of Super Bowl media until he realized who was about to ask him the next question. His entire face lit up when he saw Snoop Dogg standing there, doing media for the Rich Eisen show. Snoop was able to get Cam to dab before asking him a question. Snoop also had the chance to talk to Peyton Manning and with his love of weed, he wanted to get a 50% discount off Papa John’s whenever he is in Colorado to which Peyton happily agreed. Guys like Snoop make the media around the big game fun because there are way too many people asking stupid questions and not having any fun with it.

NFL: Brian Urlacher Wants Cam Newton to Have More Class Like Peyton Manning

Super Bowl 50 will feature the Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos.  It’s also about Cam Newton vs. Peyton Manning, they’re two very different quarterbacks.  There is big age difference between the two but it’s more than that.  Some people want to say it’s not a race thing but it’s hard to deny; Newton himself said him being an incomparable African-American quarterback scares people.  Newton is a mobile QB who likes to dance and celebrate after touchdowns and wins.  While we like to think he’s just having fun, others say he’s classless.

NFL: Peyton Manning to Bill Belichick: ‘This might be my last rodeo’

When Peyton Manning hugged Bill Belichick at midfield after the Denver Broncos’ 20-18 victory over the New England Patriots, the quarterback acknowledged to the coach that Sunday’s AFC Championship Game might be the last time they match wits.

(Video) NFL: Super Bowl 50 is Set, Panthers v. Broncos! LOL Who’s the Better Dancer Cam or Peyton?

The Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots 20-18 to win the AFC Championship game and the Carolina Panthers beat the Arizona Cardinals 49-15 to win the NFC Championship game. That means the Broncos and the Panthers will face off for the legendary Super Bowl 50.  The star quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Cam Newton are complete opposites.  This Super Bowl will have two starting quarterbacks with the biggest age gap.  Apparently they both have dancing skills, okay not so much Manning but this video of the two of them is absolutely hilarious.

NFL: Peyton Manning Denies Taking HGH & Is ‘Furious’ & ‘Disgusted’ at Al Jazeera Report

It seemed we had another Alex Rodriguez and MLB situation after a report was released stating Peyton Manning was one of several high profile athletes who were supplied with performance enhancing drugs from an anti-aging clinic.  Manning vehemently denied the report and his accuser later recanted his story.

NFL: Peyton Manning Has Inspired What Is Being Called The ‘Peyton Generation’

Peyton Manning has undoubtedly inspired countless kids and athletes around the world. Recently, ESPN covered what they call the ‘Peyton Generation,’ a story on the football players of Indiana who’s names were inspired by the living legend, Peyton Manning.

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