(Photos) Boxing: Filipino President Says Manny Pacquiao Should Hang It Up!


What an upsetting few weeks Pacquiao has to be having. First losing the biggest fight of is career, then having surgery to repair a damaged shoulder, followed by growing law suits from “deceived” fans, and now not getting support from a likely place–home. Filipino President, Benigno Aquino, is saying it is time for Manny to hang up his gloves. Click more to read the full story!

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(Photos) President Obama Pushes Trade Bill With Or Without Congress


For several years, President Obama and the White House have initiated discourse on a new trade partnership that, they say, will expand economic opportunities for American businesses, ranchers, farmers, and workers. This week, it appears that more details on the partnership are leaking out to the masses, and it is producing hysteria among those who oppose it. The proposed legislation is called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Theorists for decades have expressed deep concerns of globalization and greed of multi-national corporation procurement for political power and monetary gains. This week, President Obama gave those folks more ammunition for presenting a case fighting against a corporate global takeover. This partnership details involving Singapore, Brunei, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Canada, Mexico, and the United States, have been scarce due to extremely clandestine meetings. But, what is detected, by those whom have little access to the legislation, is all countries account for 40% of the global economy, and this is the largest partnership since the North American Free Trade Agreement, which could mean bad news for Americans.

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(Photos) Is Dr. Ben Carson Already Losing His Teeth?


President candidate Dr. Ben Carson is already low on the polls if your counting teeth!

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Barack Obama & David Letterman Talk Plans For Retirement On The ‘Late Show’


What are the future plans of a president who served two-terms and a late night talk show host who is retiring? According to one of the two, Dominos – not the pizza type, but the game type – or a stop at the local Starbucks. Barack Obama and David Letterman talk retirement on the ‘Late Show’ as their separate runs come near.

Check it out after the jump.

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(Photos) Obama Back To Community Organizing?


The presidential term of Barrack Obama is waning and as you can imagine, his first act as former President of the United States of America will be drinking from a coconut while resting under the sun.

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(Photos) Obama Program Gives E Books To Poor


This past Thursday, President Barrack Obama announced a program that will give more than 10,000 free E books for children from indigent households. Jeff Zients, a top economic advisor in the Obama Administration, presented daunting data that some 80 percent of low-income children are behind the rest of the their grade in terms of reading skills. Hence, the president initiated this strategy to combat those statistics.

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(Video) “SNL” Star Cecily Strong Makes Racial Jokes At White House Correspondents Dinner


Cecily Strong throws a racist roast at President Obama and government officials at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

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(Photos+Video) Obama Visits 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner


At this year’s 2015 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, filled with celebrities, journalists and politicians, president Barrack Obama swung his verbal swords at his journalistic adversaries, various republicans, and added self-depreciation. Last night, the executive decision-maker transcended any other president in targeting those whom have targeted him in the past. With the blend of humor and slight diatribe, president Obama delivered many moments to remember. He spit a plethora of bars, and we’ve enumerated piece by piece.

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(Video) So.. Waka Flocka Flame Plans To Run For President In 2016


Move Over, Hillary… Waka is coming for you! Aside from being a rapper, reality TV star and a professional weed smoker, Brick Squad’s own Waka Flocka Flame plans to run for president in 2016. In fact, he signed his papers to enter him into the presidential bid on 4/20. Okay, we’re completely lying but the video is super funny nonetheless. Check out what laws Waka would fight to get passed if he was in office below!

#WakaFlocka2016 OR NAWWWW?!

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(Video) Marco Rubio Bumps Nicki Minaj On Road to the White House

Marco Rubio and Nicki Minaj

Is he being real or putting a bid in for that Hip Hop vote? Republican Senator Marco Rubio Bumps Nicki Minaj On Road to the White House and says if he’s elected President of the United States he’ll be the coolest Head of State ever–starting with a turn up* on the volume of the Queen Barbz and EDM??? Let’s investigate…

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