(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Responds Exactly How You Thought He Would To ESPN Ranking

Even with Kobe’s age and physical ailment’s, there is NO WAY IN HELL there are 92 players in the league better than him. Would you personally pick 92 players before you picked him for your squad? Of course not. The ranking’s by ESPN are so ridiculous that Kobe didn’t even want to speak on it. The world leader in sports really needs to rethink who they let publish these stupid rankings every year.

(Photo) NBA: ESPN Ranks Kevin Durant At #8, & He Reacts

The ESPN 500 player list is almost complete with the release of numbers 10-7 earlier today. The list has drawn much debate with Kobe coming in at number 40, and KD who was ranked number 2 last season, was ranked number 8. Durant took to twitter to respond, but ended up deleting the tweet. Hit the jump for details. Via Bleacher Report:

ESPN justified the ranking by explaining that the Jones fracture in Durant’s right foot bumped last year’s No. 2 down six spots, with Royce Webb stating “Instead of shooting jumpers, he’s shooting selfies.”

Click above gallery for deleted tweet. Tavia HartleyIFWT

(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant Reacts To ESPN’s #40 Ranking!

Yesterday fans went crazy when ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant the 40th best player in the league (which for the record, I think sounds insane — I can’t name 39 players better than Kobe — even with his injury). We all waited yesterday for Kobe’s reaction and now we have it. Check it out…

(Video & Photos) NBA: Stephen A., Skip Bayless, Brandon Jennings Debate Kobe’s Ridiculous Ranking !

While Lakers’ star, Kobe Bryant, began last season with much baggage, including being out majority of the season due to injury. Well, ESPN believes there are 39 players who will perform better than Bryant during the 2014-2015 season. Yes, Kobe Bryant has been ranked 40th in the NBA . Hit the jump to see much debate on the crazy ranking !

NBA: Kobe Bryant FINALLY Reacts To Being Ranked 25th in ESPN’s NBA Player Rankings!!

FINALLY!  Tell’em Kobe!!  After ESPN ranked Kobe Bryant 25th in their player rankings everyone patiently waited for him to respond.  Nothing happened for a while and then he changed his Twitter avitar with a cryptic message.  Well now Kobe is finally speaking!  He reacted to the 25th place ranking, 2nd place rank in GM poll &  then made a joke about what his Twitter avi means.  Check out what he had to say…

Sports: Mike D’Antoni Reacts to Kobe Bryant’s NBA Ranking

Yesterday the 2013-14 NBA GM Survey was released and for the first time in 12 years Kobe Bryant was not listed as the best shooting guard in the league (James Harden took that spot).  While we still haven’t heard from Kobe, his coach Mike D’Antoni did react to the ranking.  Check out what he had to say about it…

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