(Photo) NFL: Chris Johnson Takes First Picture Since Being Shot, Sends Warning To The Shooters

Chris Johnson posed for his first picture since being shot in a drive by in Orlando earlier this week. During the incident, Johnson and two of his friends were shot and unfortunately one of them died as a result. The other friend is in the picture with Chris, along with rapper Kenny Turner who was the one who actually posted the picture while sending a threatening message to the shooters saying “”I HEARD YOU PUSSIES LOOKIN 4 me!!!!! WE GOT something in common….fuck YA!!!! #juice.” Police have said Johnson has not been cooperating, and from the sound of the message to the shooters, it could be because they want to find them before cops do. Hopefully Johnson keeps clean about things. He still has a career to focus on. Check the gallery!

*Update* (Photo) Usher’s Son In Recovery!!

Some good news for the Raymond’s. In a near-fatal accident with Usher’s 5-year-old son that precipitated a court battle over custody, we finally have some good news. Well, the good news was already said, now we have a pic of little Usher in recovery. Hit the jump and check it out.

(Video)Flesh-Eating Bacteria Epedemic??

All we have been hearing from news reports about this flesh-eating bacteria that has been responsible for the amputation of people’s body parts and landing them in comas. Aside from the well-known case of Aimee Copeland four other victims have suffered from Necrotizing fasciitis. Check out the video of a grandmother that is recovering from the bacteria. Steph Bassanini

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