(Photos) Haha! Which Celeb Accidentally Photobombed Rihanna At His Birthday Dinner?

MGK photobombs Rihanna

Machine Gun Kelly turned 24 this past Tuesday, and his friends surprised him with a celebratory dinner in L.A. In true MGK fashion, the table featured a few porn stars, his boys, Mod Sun and accidentally…Rihanna! The Bad Gal happened to enter the restaurant and pass Kels’ table, and since the paparazzi were on her as usual, they managed to capture Kels in the background. LOL! More pics in the gallery.

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Whoa! Chris Brown’s Going To Be In Jail Until WHEN?!?!


Wow! While Breezy’s hit, “Loyal” slowly climbs the charts, his court date keeps getting pushed back. The last time we mentioned it, after Brown’s bodyguard was found guilty, his trial for assault in Washington D.C. was delayed until today. Check out when he is set to begin trial after the jump.

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NFL: What Did DeSean Jackson Say When He Was Tryin To Holla at Rihanna?! The Game Gives Some Insight!

IFWT_game desean 1

What Did DeSean Say When He was Tryin To Holla at Rihanna?!

The fellas love them some RiRi!!  Soooo yea, apparently DeSean Jackson was tryin to holla at Rihanna last week when the paparazzi caught him running up to her SUV. The Game was by his side and now he’s sharing what he thinks DeSean said to her. Hilarious.
Check it out…

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Wow! Rihanna’s Chart Topping Single, “Diamonds,” Took HOW LONG To Write?!?


“You want a hit? Give me an hour, plus a pen and a pad.” That was LL Cool J back in ’87. Things have changed since then — especially when it comes to hits. For Rihanna, hits take well under an hour to construct. Proof: her 2012 chart-topping song “Diamonds” took only 14 minutes to write — according to the song’s writer, Sia Furler. Hit the jump for more info.

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(Photos) Uh-Oh! Did Drake Bring Another Girl Around While Rihanna Is Away?

Drake & Shaye G

Over the weekend, Drake was spotted in his hometown of Toronto with a girl by the name of Shaye…a girl that a couple of months back, was the recipient of a flirtatious IG comment from the YMCMB rapper. In the photo, Shaye was sporting an O Mighty shirt with Drake’s face. No word if they were cool before the pic or that was their first interaction, but either way, she was most certainly with him this weekend. Perhaps it’s just an innocent, friends-only situation…but who knows! Do you think Rihanna has something to worry about? Check out a few more pics in the gallery and let us know your thoughts!

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(VIDEO) NFL: DeSean Jackson Trying To Holla at Rihanna?!

IFWT_Ri Desean

Boy you guys just love some drama huh?!  Lol.  Why can’t this video be explained as two friends having a conversation?!
It was a star-studded event for Toxic’s day party over the weekend.  Everyone from Rihanna, Trey Songz, Jermaine Dupri, Brandon Jennings with Tae Heckard & others showed up.  Well there’s a video of DeSean Jackson running up to Rihanna’s SUV & fans of course jumped to the conclusion that he’s trying to holla.  Who knows maybe he was, but I don’t think Drake’s going to like that.  OR maybe he just wanted some music advice???  Yep, that’s what I’m going with for now.
Check it out & you be the judge…

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(Photos) Could Rihanna Be Posing For Playboy?

Rihanna x Playboy?

Word on the street is that amazing face down/a$$ up nude shoot that Rihanna did recently was for Playboy, though it has not been confirmed. However, there are things hinting toward it. As you can see in the above photo from the shoot, one of the assistants on set has a Playboy t-shirt on, and on April 17, Rihanna was spotted wearing a Playboy leather jacket (in the gallery.) She also posted a handful of bunny-related photos of herself on Instagram yesterday, but that doesn’t really say much…as it was Easter, after all.

Don’t expect too much nudity, though…even though she gives it all to us on a regular day! “The offer has been out to her for quite a while, but if it happens we will be seeing only a limited show,” an insider said. “They want her for the cover and a story inside but she will not be fully naked, it would just be suggested.” Let’s see what happens! I’d definitely like to see it go down! LOL.

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(PHOTOS) NBA: Fan Goes HARD at Drake at Raptors Game By Bringing Disrespectful Rihanna Poster!


This is so wrong!  Some of you fans just love crossing the line huh?!  No type of chill.  SMH.
I wonder if Drake saw it?! On Saturday, a fan brought a poster thinking Rihanna would be with Drake (she wasn’t) at the Nets/Raptors playoff game 1 & the poster had a disrespectful message. What did RiRi ever do to you??? She would destroy you fam! Check it out…

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(Photos) The Kickoff Of #ToXicDayParty In L.A. Brought ‘Em Out: Rihanna, Trey Songz, The Game & More!

ToXic Day Party: Rihanna

East coast, we have La Marina…and if there’s any truth to what Fab says (there is…) – we’re there all summer! Well the West coast has quite the equivalent, and if Saturday’s soft launch was any indication, they’re going to be there all summer as well! The one-day-only return (until May’s official launch) of ToXic at Lure in Hollywood rang off on Saturday, packed wall-to-wall with celebs such as Rihanna, Trey Songz, Jermaine Dupri, Terrance J, Brandon Jennings with his new beau Tae Heckard, Miss Diddy, Desean Jackson and many, many more, with sounds by DJ Jae Murphy, DJ Damage, DJ Drama and Don Cannon. I will DEFINITELY be in the building this summer! (Won’t catch me at La Marina, though – noooo thank you!) Check out a few pics from this weekend in the gallery!

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(Photos) Rihanna Proves Why She’s SMOKIN’ Hot With Nothing But Marijuana Leafs Covering Her Nips


Rihanna leaves it no mystery that she enjoys to light one up every now and then. In honor of 4/20, the entertainer took to her Instagram page and posted a bunch of flicks celebrating the festivities in a sheer black body suit with nothing but cut-out Marijuana leafs covering her nips. Check out the pics in the gallery!

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